Increase your opens by 50% with this one trick

I was visiting a local store whose business owner I know, and we got to talking about email. They use email at their store to drum up more business when new products come in or when business is slow.

One of the really cool things was they showed me their stats. And they did something interesting. Every time they emailed their customers, they sent up a follow up email to everyone that didn’t open the first email.

For most people that sounds really cool, but they don’t know how to do that. So obviously I added it to RocketResponder right away! When you go to send your broadcast, you’ll now see this option:

Resend your email

Now, this comes with a warning. If you already send emails daily, I wouldn’t use it. But if you send a monthly newsletter or have a really important email, definitely go for it. We don’t place internal limits on how often you can use it, but you don’t want to upset your customers!

This type of feature is available at other email providers, so don’t think I’m trying to say we invented something awesome. But I can say we charge way less than other email providers, while providing big deal features like this. In fact, we only charge $20 per month! How much are you paying?


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