Lots of Buzz with VideoPal.. But now a contest!

Jon showed me VideoPal and the concept is great. I’m really excited to see what people do with this. You can take a boring affiliate link and spice it up. You can point out selling points on a product that their sales page misses. So many ideas.

Anyways..  I thought it would be fun to use Sitizens and VideoPal together. So, I’m starting a contest. Here’s how it works:

  1. Create a VideoPal link for whatever affiliate link, website, blog, etc you want.
  2. Submit the link to Sitizens on t/videopal
  3. Vote and comment on the other submitted links (up or down, and comment)

What I’ll do is setup a campaign on DoctorTraffic for 1000 hits per day. And I’ll periodically check the videopal topic. The top rated under “hot” will be set as the site to receive the traffic. I’ll keep this going on as long as there is good activity on that topic!

Are you looking for Vinyl Crafting Supplies?

OK so I’m not into pushing websites and all that stuff on my blog, but a good friend of mine started Vinyl Crazy. It’s a crafting supply site for Vinyl stuff. He showed me his competition and why he started his and ultimately it comes down to his site is much easier to use, and he cares about quality.

So what is this Vinyl stuff? Well you can use it for making tshirts and signage on cars/signs/etc. People use it for all sorts of things. Anyways, if you are into that stuff check out his site!

Interesting Survey Results!

It’s a brand new year and we did a brand new survey. The results were actually pretty interesting. For the most part, everyone is happy!

The interesting part is a lot of people in the industry seem to think that there are problems with Paypal, but our survey shows that it’s not quite the case. It stems because Paypal started to crack down on illegal behavior, and well, we know that Paypal crack downs start out with illegal behavior and moves out to people who might not have done anything wrong but appear to be affiliated with the other people.

So if you were affected, but haven’t done anything wrong, contact Paypal! Over the last 15 years we’ve had our account frozen, limited, the whole works. But calling up Paypal has always resolved the problem. It sounds scary but think about it, if you don’t know if a customer is being abusive, sometimes the best way to find out is to force them to call you up. Not fun for us, but I get it.

Anyways, back to the survey, I thought it was interesting because the majority still puts Paypal as #1. With the rumor wheel I thought Paypal was done for, but our survey of customers shows that’s not the case at all. There was also interest in Credit Cards, which we do, but not everyone knew we did.

To everyone who did complete the survey..  Thanks! There was a lot of feedback in there we’ll be going through. January is a great time to make improvements. Mentally it feels like a fresh start and it’s motivating!

Back to work!

The leaves falling and the temperatures dropping are always my reminders that it’s time to get back to work. I really am bad at sticking to a schedule and getting things done when the warm weather hits. It’s a flaw, I know, but I haven’t been able to force it out.

This time of year is the most exciting time of year to work. I think part of it is with the kids going back to school we have fewer distractions and everything starts to ramp up. Businesses start planning for holiday sales, it’s great.

So I know people have been wondering where I’ve been. Well, there you go. Get ready for some awesome sauce!

This is why I’m never the first to buy something new

For years I’ve always been the guy that sits back and watches friends buy new technology and talk about how great it is. Mean while I’m just thinking to myself great, but let’s see if it lasts. Well, now I’m finally feeling good about it!

It’s not really a laughing matter, but after samsung’s exploding phones I’m going to continue to be the guy who gets everything after everyone else.

Same goes when you read reviews online. How many times have you read a review, and then there is an ***update*** a few weeks later of how the item broke. I’m at the point in life where I’m OK with being the last to get something if I know that means I’ll be satisfied.

How about you? Are you the adventurous type that’s OK with the 1 in 10 billion chance of your pants catching fire, or are you more like me and let others try it first?