5 Reasons to Use Lists in Blog Posts

When it comes time to write blog posts it can be really difficult getting your thoughts organized into one post. Today I’m going to tell you 5 reasons why you should use lists in blog posts!

  1. They are easier to write. When you come up with a topic, it’s easy to keep it focused when it’s broken down into simple chunks. It really can help when you’ve got writers block to use a list to get your groove on.
  2. They are easier to read. I’ll admit it, I skim over blog posts. I love blog posts that use lists because I can skim and skip what I know and read what I don’t. Then end result? I end up at your blog more often than ones that don’t.
  3. Lists go viral. Now I’m guessing this is because they are easier to read so when you come across a post that isn’t in list format it just won’t go viral. But it’s true, my facebook feed is filled with these kinds of posts, and google serves me these pages all the time in my results too.
  4. Lists make you look authoritative. It’s kinda funny but when someone has a blog post with 5 reasons of this or 5 reasons of that, they look like they thought it out more than someone who wrote the same content but didn’t put it in list form. There could be 5 more reasons, but the fact that they are numbered and presented that way makes it appear much more thought out.
  5. They keep you on track. This has helped me before. I tend to go on tangents and move off topic. But when you say these are 5 reasons to use lists, I quickly stop myself when I realize I’m writing about another topic. In the end a much better blog post comes out because it’s kept on topic.

So there you have it, from the master blogger himself, 5 reasons to use lists when blogging!

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