Updated Version of wpFutureCal

I just pushed out a new version of wpFutureCal which is sure to make at least two people happy (Justin, Patrick). The calendar now has next/previous buttons so you can just click around the months if you need to go farther than next month!

2-24-2016 2-26-09 PM

If you already have it installed, your version of WordPress will automagically ask you to update it soon. If not, you really should it’s an amazing plugin that is so simple yet so handy. It shows you when you’ve made posts so you can visually see if you are behind or where you should publish your next one!

To download it, search for wpfuturecal inside the plugin directory, or check out it’s new official home on the Plus1Daily site!


Updates to wpFutureCal

If you have a WordPress blog then you’ll definitely want to be using wpFutureCal. It’s a simple tool that shows a calendar of this month and next month. It then toggles the colors from red to green based on if you have a post that day or not.

Today I updated the plugin to give it more compatibility across hosts, and added in a new feature that shows the calendar on your WordPress Dashboard. When I realized I kept going to “Add New Post” every time I wanted to see the calendar, I knew there was a better way!

To get started using wpFutureCal all you have to do is goto Plugins -> Add New and enter wpFutureCal in the search box. WordPress will magically install it for you ;-) Did I mention I love writing WordPress Plugins?

Already have it? Then WordPress will tell you to update the plugin. Go for it! Once you do, go check out your WordPress Dashboard. You’ll probably want to move the calendar up top, but you can drag it wherever you like!

Simple, Free, WordPress Plugin

I’ve shown you the calendar I use to mark off days I write on my blog. Well interestingly enough I’ve found a problem with that method.

My problem is I have a laptop upstairs, and my desktop in my office. Usually when I’m in the writing mood I’m upstairs with a cup of coffee and the laptop. But my calendar is downstairs. Ouch.

So my solution was to build into WordPress a plugin that shows the calendar whenever I write a post. That way even if I’m on a vacation I can easily see when my next open slot is.

I’m calling it wpFutureCal simply because it’s a calendar that shows future posts. It’s drop dead simple, but effective. So go download it if you have a self hosted WordPress blog!