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I’ve shown you the calendar I use to mark off days I write on my blog. Well interestingly enough I’ve found a problem with that method.

My problem is I have a laptop upstairs, and my desktop in my office. Usually when I’m in the writing mood I’m upstairs with a cup of coffee and the laptop. But my calendar is downstairs. Ouch.

So my solution was to build into WordPress a plugin that shows the calendar whenever I write a post. That way even if I’m on a vacation I can easily see when my next open slot is.

I’m calling it wpFutureCal simply because it’s a calendar that shows future posts. It’s drop dead simple, but effective. So go download it if you have a self hosted WordPress blog!

10 thoughts to “Simple, Free, WordPress Plugin”

  1. I’ve been using a PIM called Time and Chaos put out by Chaossoftware for years. They offer syncing over the internet so I can access my info from even my cell phone. They don’t really have an affiliate program … too bad huh? I can’t imagine life without this program as it helps keep me organized in so many ways. If you call them tell you can mention my name, but as I said they don’t really offer any kind of affiliate program. I think you can buy some licenses and then resell them but from what I understand it is not very profitable and they don’t have many people who do that.

    Hope I didn’t blab too much but hey I am passionate about this product.


  2. WTH?!!! Has the Internet censors attacked you, Tim? I realize today is the SOPA day, is this how we are standing up for our rights by blacking most words of your post today? Interesting, to say the least!…:) BTW, the plugin is cool.

  3. Ok, right after I posted my comment, all of a sudden none of the blacked out words are showing. Was it just me? Am I the only one who saw that? That would be scary.

  4. Actually when I first went to the post this morning before I left my comment a lot of the words were blacked out. I thought it was my notebook so I quit the screen and logged in again.


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