How to unsubscribe RocketResponder subscribers using Gmail Labels

You might be thinkings..  Whaaat!? Why would I unsubscribe someone!? Well there are two reasons: 1) they asked to be removed or 2) they have an annoying vacation or auto reply message that floods your inbox every time you send an email.

Now with Zapier you can create an Unsubscribe label withing Gmail. Anytime you label an email Unsubscribe, it will automatically remove the person from your list! I am using it for my blog notifications list, and it’s great. For some reason people like to reply and ask to unsubscribe rather than click the link. So now in one click I can honor that request!

BONUS: Now that Zapier has published our RocketResponder apps as public, I can setup shared Zaps. So if you click here you can setup your label in easy steps, rather than manually doing it ;-)

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