When to use List Automation

With List Automation on RocketResponder, you can do some really neat stuff. I’m sure someone else will come up with better ideas, but to get your brain juices started here’s what I like about List Automation!

But wait..  What is it? Oh yeah, List Automation allows you to “chain” lists so when a user gets added to one list, they can be added or removed from other lists at the same time. Which if you get creative, you can do some really cool things.

For instance.. You could have a list of people who haven’t purchased anything, and a list of people who have purchased something. When they are added to the purchased something list, you can have them automatically removed from the haven’t purchased anything list.

Or maybe you have a blog, and you want to entice people to subscribe to your blog in different ways. You could setup a list for your blog notifications, and another list for each of the freebies you give out. Then setup list automation to add them to the notification list when they are added to any of the other lists.

You see where I’m going here. What’s useful to know, they won’t have to confirm every action. As far as we’re concerned once you’ve double opt-ed in a subscriber you can add/remove them from other lists as you need. But of course if they unsubscribe from all your lists you’ll need to double opt in again to get that permission back.

17 thoughts to “When to use List Automation”

  1. A powerful feature that I can use today if I can find it. lol – Okay, got it – Manage List and then Edit List. Automation is the 4th tab and it looks cool. Thanks Tim!

  2. Yeah this is a great program, when you get that ah ha moment and think now that is a good way to go with what you are doing. By using it to build your list for that purpose.

  3. As I started reading, I wasn’t sure about this. Adding people to lists that they didn’t signup to? List segmentation seems to fit this better. Nice feature though!

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