Email Reputation is Going to Change

I got an email this morning which got me pretty excited. RocketResponder has been allowed into the Gmail Feedback Loop. FBL’s have been around for a while, but Google has always kept this information secret. It’s painfully annoying.

I get why, they don’t want people knowing who is reporting the spam. So they came up with a clever way to do this. They’ve asked ESPs to add a new header to their emails to mark each customer and campaign separately. At the end of the day they’ll email you a list of campaigns that got high spam complaints.

This is great, as most people use Gmail and not having that information has allowed problem users to stay with RocketResponder way too long. Now we’ll know immediately of problem users. But the real interesting thing is now Gmail will know for sure which emails are from which customers.

They’ll now be able to say OK these 5 emails were from this person, and these 6 were from someone else. And you bet it’s going to change the way spam filters work at Gmail, and probably others as they start to use this information as well.

This is a good thing. While we do everything we can to ensure that Gmail knows your emails have nothing to do with potentially abusive other customers, there was no way to 100% tell Gmail. As this unfolds I’m sure the good senders will start to see their emails get to inbox and out of spam more.

9 thoughts to “Email Reputation is Going to Change”

  1. THis explains a lot of things. I guess Aweber and the others have probably been privy to this information for a while. You see “hotshot “email marketers complain about being shut down by their AR company for no reason. Well, there always is a reason. I’m guessing this is it.

    I find email marketing toi be weird sometimes. You can bet if I just send an email with information with NO LINKS, I’m more likely to get a complaint . Go figure…..

    The goos thing is that while Google’s recent changes have effected my open rates, I know that they are cl;eaning houyse. There’s an awful lot of junk emailers out there. If the good ones can hang in loing enough the rewards will be significant

  2. Yup, I have noticed the good email hasn’t landed in spam, as often, still more often than I would like, as a reader.

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