How to get Subscribers from Twitter Cards

If you’re a Twitter Hot Shot then you’ll LOVE this. You can now create Twitter Lead Generation Cards that let your followers easily subscribe to your list with one click. It integrates perfectly into RocketResponder, so get excited!

Step 1: Create a Lead Generation Card

This is actually the hardest part, finding the page to do it on. You have to go through the Twitter Advertise page. Up top they have Creatives, and Cards is under there. Create your description, upload your image, make your call to action. Easy

Step 2: Integrate with RocketResponder

Change the Twitter Card “Data Settings” to the settings below. This will integrate directly with RocketResponder so when users hit subscribe they are on your list! Click to view it bigger. The only difference you’ll need is highlighted in yellow, that’s my list’s permalink, you’ll want to use yours!

Twitter Cards

Step 3: Tweet your new Lead Generation Card!

Wow, that easy! The team was all confused when they clicked the button. They were like so how do I get on the list? It just did it? Wait it was that easy? It’s awesome when it works sooo easy people think they missed a step ;-)

13 thoughts to “How to get Subscribers from Twitter Cards”

  1. Thanks Tim, this is fantastic. I built my card but when I tested it, I got this error message at Twitter: “Result: Failure. Error submitting card data: hostname does not match the server certificate.” Any ideas what’s going on? (I’ll post it to my Twitter stream anyway so you can try it if you want.) @TameBear

    1. Did the same for us, but it works just fine. I did use a service to verify our certificate was valid too, so I’m not too sure what’s up with that.

  2. I took a look at the Twitter card thing and it looked cool, but I mainly had to comment on the new clothes for your blog. WHOA THOSE ARE SOME BIG GIANT LETTERS!!!!! lol.

    I think I kinda like the new design, but it was almost like that top section smacked me in the face when I clicked over here today…. ha!

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