How To Select All Friends in Facebook [v2]

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When you are trying to invite your friends to your page, it can be tedious. So here’s a quick javascript to select all your friends in Facebook so you can invite them all in one quick motion.

Simply copy and paste that into the address bar when you have the friend selector window open. I have a video to show you exactly what I mean here:

So now you know how to select all friends on Facebook for an event, the easy way. You can use it to invite friends to your facebook groups, pages, anywhere the friend picker window shows up!

As of 3-29-2011 this method works. If you can’t get it to work on your end, try again. I use this method myself so if it stops working I’ll update the code.

Can’t get it to work? Try right clicking in different places in the select friends window. I found right clicking on a photo worked for me. Also note that it can take a long time for your browser to select them all, and after submitting it appears to do nothing when it actually is.

4-13-2011 This method is not currently working. However a Firefox Plugin does this very well. I will post an update when I’ve got a new code figured out ;-)

24 thoughts to “How To Select All Friends in Facebook [v2]”

  1. It’s good to have various time saving options for thing we’re doing in our daily schedule. Thanks for this Tim! Be well!
    Ivan Golemdzhiyski aka Web Traffic Guy

  2. Here I am late again can’t fit everything into one day so I have ended up on a two day schedule.

    Thanks again Tim what did I without your tips.

    End up doing most things weekly that’s what I may yet get down to a daily schedule if friends stop having launches one after another.

  3. Can you explain more what you use this for? I don’t understand why you are already referring yourself to all your friends.

  4. hmmm, couldn’t seem to get it to work since the 3-29-2011 change. Should it matter what broswer I’m using?

  5. When I click the frame there isn’t anythng saying open frame in new tab. i dont know if its cause im using google chrome

  6. Can you please do one for questions? I have like 800 friends and I want their opinion but I don’t want to have to select all 800. If you can do it I and much of facebook user would highly appreciate it!

  7. Man, they must’ve done something on facebook so the codes don’t or something becuase I had a different one ( “javascript:fs.select_all();” ) and nothing, I tried your’s and nothing…I don’t know if it’s becauae of my browser??? I have both Chrome & Fire Fox…HELP!!! lol

  8. what browser are you using? i tried this today, firefox safari for mac, chrome & firefox for windows xp. i can’t get the “open this frame in new window” i get a regular “open in new tab” which opens the main fan group page, not the people. did they change something in last few days?

  9. I can’t get this to work. No matter which browser, I use, I do not have the option of opening the element in a new tab; This Frame does not exist in my dropdown.

  10. When I right click on the frame there is no option that allows me to open it in another tab or window. I tried using both firefox and safari as my browser.

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