I’m using CloudFront, and it’s great!

Amazon has officially released the CloudFront Public Beta! What is CloudFront? It’s a Content Delivery Network (CDN). Essentially a CDN is a network of servers all around the world, so when you visit a site it grabs the content from the closest server to you.

So what does this mean exactly? Well I’ve been using CloudFront for about a month or so to host my video advertisements on the traffic exchanges. What this does is ensures my videos load quickly for viewers, which is crucial for traffic exchanges. If you’ve only got 10 seconds to view the ad, and it can’t load quick, well it’s pointless!

This past week I’ve also switched from CDNLayer (SoftLayer CDN) to Amazon’s CloudFront on much of the static content on StartXchange. And I’ll be moving over more content as time allows. I started noticing, and getting complaints, from surfers that CDNLayer was actually slowing surfing down for them. So far switching to CloudFront has been much better performance.

The main reason I’m excited about this is because it’s Amazon. They are truely innovators in this whole cloud computing thing, and they are doing it all with very good pricing. It is a bit more complicated having to get the files to Amazon, but once you figure that out it’s 100% off your server so you don’t have to worry about the disk space or resources or anything!

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  1. Amazon cloud is great… Particularly for media files, I use it for clients audio and video all the time. For server backups its cheap too. And for home backup use I use JungleDisk, much easier than having to program a script just to upload your files, so easy my grandma could use it ; )

    Smart move, I haven’t used CloudFront yet but looking forward to getting started.

  2. Hey Tim,
    this is all greek to me,I can’t even program the phone much less any of the systems or stuff, I just turn it on and go places, sometimes even the right places! Have a wonderful day,

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  3. Tim Millar brings up a good point. Is something like CloudFront a possibility for the Techno challenged our should there be an enterprising Marketer creating a Low Cost Tutorial~~hint~~

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  4. Thanks for the info – learn something new everyday :)

    Nancy Radlingers lastest blog post..ok – laugh for the day, week, month – delima of the grandma and the mouse

  5. Hi Tim,

    Wow I an so impressed that you keep up with all this great technology for all of us! Thanks for all your hard work.


  6. Hm…never heard of any of this before (CloudFront, CDN, etc…)

    Guess I’ll Google it and learn more. As always, thanks for the tip!

    Paul Livingston

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