The whole reason RocketResponder exists

I’ve done a video tutorial for using RocketResponder with blogs. This is the reason the site exists. I’ve been too frustrated with all the other options out there. Poor Jon has been logging into his autoresponder and sending an email out manually for years.


If you full screen you’ll see full detail. But it’s so simple people are confused when they are done. Justin was waiting wondering what the next step, I had to tell him there was no next step it was already done.

I really see my success in business as a result of starting this blog. I don’t do crazy pitching I don’t do much with it really, but it has given me a voice and is the reason most people know who I am.

Before the blog I was just a guy running a traffic exchange. People knew my name but that was it. After my blog people see me as a friend and they get to interact with me.

So that’s why I’ll be pushing blogging & list building from now on. I’ve been holding back because all the other options were too expensive or too difficult for newbies. I can now show people how easy it is!

12 thoughts to “The whole reason RocketResponder exists”

  1. Well you are certainly wetting my appetite. I have been like Jon. Right now I am ill and will be for some time so I need to take a year off.

    It seems a good idea to take my year off and then come back with Rocket Responder. I really don’t think the owner of my present autoresponder would let me suspend payments for a year.

  2. Been thinking of something other than Aweber, which I now use.
    Locked into a contract for 9 more months.

    The only question I have about Rocket Responder is what the payment
    options will be …..maybe you could tell folks in your ads.

  3. This is my first autoresponder so it is ideal for me. I know nothing about how they work or even where to put my ‘Thank you’ page but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it very quickly. Now I can have a subscriber’s box on my blog…YAYE!!!! AWESOME!!!

  4. Great video, and yes, being active and out there builds that know and like factor, you already had the trust part before as a top owner, and programmer.

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