Found the Select All Friends on Facebook Solution

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Previously I wrote a post and a video about how to select all your friends on facebook. It stopped working when they changed some code. Well after much tinkering, I found the solution and updated the post. The key is to open the select your friends page in a new tab.

They now have it in an iframe, whereas before it wasn’t. Simple but didn’t have the time to figure it out. Just remember, only invite your friends to things they’ll actually support. And if you use the above trick please tweet, like on facebook, and blog about it cuz it’s helping lots of people ;-)

Oh and stay subscribed if you want to find out how to do it later if they change it lol

15 thoughts to “Found the Select All Friends on Facebook Solution”

    1. I take that back. I cannot get it to work in a new tab as suggested. I open “Suggest to Friends” in a new tab, and when the new tab opens the Invitation Box is not loaded in front of the page. I reclicked it in this new tab and when I paste the javascript, I get the same issue.

      What could be causing the Invitation Box to not appear when I open a new tab? I tried on the newest versions of Firefox and Safari.

      1. Adam – Open “Suggest to Friends” in the same tab. Once the Invitation Box has loaded, right click on the words “Find Friends” and open that in a new tab. Then paste the javascript into the address bar. This should take care of your problem.

        Great update Tim!

  1. Very confusing. Will you be updating the vid? Is the code same? Invite = Event? Select Guests = Select Friends? Hmm. . . . . .

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