How To: Create a Blog with DreamHost

I use DreamHost to host my blog. It is incredibly easy to setup a WordPress blog, and it is incredibly easy to upgrade them too. For this tutorial, you’ll need an account with them. Use the coupon code TIMLINDEN to get $50 off a year!

Step 1: Login to the Web Panel, Goto Goodies then One-Click Installs.

Step 2: Enter the Options:

What Software..? WordPress

Install To? Select your domain. If you want it in a folder, enter the folder name. Leave it blank if you only want a blog on the domain. Note that it won’t install if the folder you enter has things in it.

Select Database? New

New Database Name? Make one up!

Existing Hostname? Create new

Create a New Hostname? Make something up, and select your domain. Most common is to use mysql but you don’t have to. Just make sure it’s not www, or a subdomain you’ll want to use later.

First User? Create new

New Username? Make one up! Preferably something hard to guess/never used before.

New Password? Make one up! Again, something hard to guess, never used before!

Step 3: Click install it for me!

Now within 10 minutes it’ll be installed, and you’ll get futher instructions via email. Basically that’ll be a link to your website saying to go create an admin username.

Upgrading WordPress: Simple. Go back to the One-Click install page. You’ll see your wordpress install listed. On the right under Actions it should say “Already vX.Y.Z” – If it doesn’t, click the link to upgrade it. It’ll do it within 10 minutes.

Note on Editing Templates: When you upgrade, it will overwrite the installed templates. If you want to tweak the template to your liking, I just rename the template folder. Then it leaves it alone!

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  1. You really need to add plugins and tweak a blog. Using a standard WordPress install from any host or Fantastico will not be SEO friendly. Always take the time to tweak your blog or you will be disappointed.

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