Grow your list with us!

We sorta just realized we didn’t make a big deal about this. But we decided to have a flat monthly fee for RocketResponder. We were trying to be like the other guys and have it cost more as your list grew, but we found it complicated things for us and our customers.

So if you haven’t heard..  RocketResponder is $20 for unlimited subscribers! This is super exciting, especially for people who are new to list building. When you first start out you don’t know how many subscribers you’ll get, and you don’t know how to turn those subscribers into more income.

Take my blog for example.. It would cost me between $80-$130 just to send out emails whenever I make a blog post if I used one of the other guys. And if we wanted to use them for our membership sites it would cost well over $400.

Now those are scary numbers when you don’t know how to benefit from your list yet. But with RocketResponder you can build your list with us and never worry about having to decide between deleting subscribers or paying a higher bill!

11 thoughts to “Grow your list with us!”

  1. Tim, the cost is really tough to beat…yes, but what impresses the most with Rocket Responder is the easy of use. I’ve used a handful of autoresponders over the past several years but this one is by far the easiest to use.

    The back office of Rocket Responder has a “light” feel to it, not taking forever to load, and not inundated with graphics. It doesn’t take long to realize to simplicity once you’re back there. Thanks, you guys. Thanks for making email marketing fun, too!

  2. Yes. The $10 till 10,000 and going up $10 incrementally was already a good deal, but the flat rate makes it almost like stealing.

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