Custom PHP Programming

If you’ve ever wanted your site to have something like a lead capture page, a members area, or some other kind of page that requires interaction from the user, than Custom PHP Programming may be for you!

Custom PHP programming can also include service kind of sites. For instance, if you ever wanted your own Traffic Exchange, Tracker Site, and any other kind of service that users sign up for. Most sites that are services include some kind of free plan, and then an upgraded paid plan with more features.

So if you have some brilliant idea, how do you know it is worth hiring a PHP programmer? Below I’ll go over some things to consider:

Consider your budget
If you have less than $500, then I wouldn’t suggest hiring a programmer to create a full blown website. They can take quite alot of time, and you don’t want to find yourself having to cut corners! If, however, its just a modification or addition to your existing site, than having less than $500 wouldn’t be bad.

Consider your market
How big is it? Is it a unique market? Are there any sites that currently offer what your bright idea is? Try doing some real research on this. You don’t want to jump into a market that already has large companies spending tons of money on their sites that people already love. It would take a whole lot to compete with them.

Consider your target audience
If your target audience is teenagers, you’ll be in for some trouble. Rarely do teenagers have money to spend, and even if they do – most either aren’t willing to spend it online, or aren’t capable of it. The younger your audience is, the harder it’ll be to get them to spend (unless you target their parents). Of course, there are exceptions to this.. It’s just alot harder.

After you’ve considered those three things, and you REALLY think you have a GOOD IDEA, then you’ll want to start rolling it into action. Remember, you’ve got to really think this through, and do alot more planning than what I’m telling you here. I’m no legal expert, and their are tons of laws that are unique to certain types of businesses, so you’ll need to do some consulting on that too. Below I’ll go over what you need to do when hiring a PHP programmer.

Review their experience
If you hire someone with little experience, they’ll likely take longer to create what it is you are looking for. For instance, I’ve built dozens of traffic exchanges – I already know exactly what it takes to make one tick, I could build one much faster than someone who doesn’t. You could hire someone to build you a traffic exchange, and have to describe anti-cheating technologies, most of which you don’t even see while surfing an exchange yourself.

If a programmer doesn’t have a website with their portfolio, areas of expertise, etc – ask them for it. Just because they don’t have it on a website doesn’t mean they don’t have any, as I’ve gotten so busy that I haven’t had time to update my own sites. But if they are reluctant to give you any past experience, go with someone else.

Get an estimate
If you feel this person can do your project, try getting an estimate. From experience, I know it is hard to give estimates. However, I can generally tell if a project is going to take a while or be quick. I’ll also tell you if it just won’t work, or if I don’t think the idea is a good one, or if I think the project is over my abilities (or at least what parts are). Find out how much they charge per hour, if there is a minimum amount per project, and see if they can give you an estimate in hours.

Just remember, it is an estimate and it can be much quicker or much longer than expected. I try to overestimate my projects to have a happy client. Also remember, if you want something changed or added after the project is complete – those changes could require big changes in the backend. If you have to, make any changes as early as possible – it’ll save you money!

Hire Me!
Well I’ve written alot, and I’m running out of writing juice. But of course if you’d like to hire me, you can find more information about me at Linden Software. I’ve also written alot of information at CLiX Network. Many clients have read what I wrote there, and hired me because they could see first hand what I know.

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