Let’s work together! #CTPplayoffs

The #CTPplayoffs started in the weee hours last night. The top performing teams are already dominating their brackets. But the bottom teams need our help. We’ve got 48 hours to help them move back up the ranks to over take those teams that are dominating.

This is where you come in.. Comment below with your ideas on how we can help the bottom 4 teams over take the top 4 teams in their bracket! As a bonus, if you comment you’ll get 1 million XP! (as long as you use the same email as in your CTP Profile).

The 1 mill xp was removed due to abuse

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Why we’re moving to HTTPS

We were recently asked why ListViral uses https and not just plain jane http. I came across this blog post while on Facebook, so I figured I’d share it with you. The key take away are two reasons:

1) Google prioritizes sites with HTTPS with SEO. If that isn’t enough of a reason, well consider that they also have a very popular browser and android operating system. They’ve made it clear that they want every site with https. We’ve already seen Google Chrome start to blog sites using old versions of https, it’s only time before they require every site to have it.

2) Security. Wait, that’s second? Well I put Google first because it’s one of those things where they don’t want you to make the choice. In reality, you don’t need https for security for every site. Yours might be static. Great. But if you have any kind of login (whether it’s your admin login for your blog, or a membership site), you should be using https for security. It adds a layer of protection that is really good to have (and required if you accept credit cards).

Should you panic? no. If you are using a site that doesn’t have https, it’s not the end of the world. But you should use some best practices. For instance, don’t login to that site while using wifi at an untrusted place. While it’s still unlikely, more and more people are starting to get hacked while using wifi on unsecured http sites. \

Learn more about HTTPS and SSL

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How to get a new subscriber every 100 hits from Traffic Exchanges

This morning I was having a tough time getting my brain going, so I thought I’d look over some stats of a few things. I found something super cool, one page we’re advertising is getting a new subscriber every 100 hits.

What’s even more exciting, when I told Justin he said yeah and we’ve gotten signups and made sales from it!

Now here’s the kicker..  The page we’re talking about is one of the packages you can pick in ListViral. That’s right, we’re using the same package that you guys can be using right now!

When we were building ListViral we realized that we wanted to do it ourselves, and get back into building niche lists. It can be really fun and you learn cool things too. Like how Bill is actually a really awesome squeeze page designer!

Anyways, I just found it encouraging to see those kind of numbers. They are actually the numbers we saw way back in the day when I first got into TEs. Most people aren’t getting those numbers because they aren’t tracking and they don’t know what to do. That’s why we built ListViral. You can even have us do the traffic delivery part too!


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When to use List Automation

With List Automation on RocketResponder, you can do some really neat stuff. I’m sure someone else will come up with better ideas, but to get your brain juices started here’s what I like about List Automation!

But wait..  What is it? Oh yeah, List Automation allows you to “chain” lists so when a user gets added to one list, they can be added or removed from other lists at the same time. Which if you get creative, you can do some really cool things.

For instance.. You could have a list of people who haven’t purchased anything, and a list of people who have purchased something. When they are added to the purchased something list, you can have them automatically removed from the haven’t purchased anything list.

Or maybe you have a blog, and you want to entice people to subscribe to your blog in different ways. You could setup a list for your blog notifications, and another list for each of the freebies you give out. Then setup list automation to add them to the notification list when they are added to any of the other lists.

You see where I’m going here. What’s useful to know, they won’t have to confirm every action. As far as we’re concerned once you’ve double opt-ed in a subscriber you can add/remove them from other lists as you need. But of course if they unsubscribe from all your lists you’ll need to double opt in again to get that permission back.

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Have you tried our resend feature yet?

I added a resend feature to RocketResponder which allows you to automatically send an email another time to everyone on your list that didn’t open or click any links in the email the first time.

It’s a great tool for making sure your list receives an email. Depending on the list you can get from 30% more opens to double. Which is pretty cool.

I’m curious to hear what you think about the resend feature at RocketResponder. I personally love it, but I’d like to hear what you think!

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