Google DNS vs OpenDNS vs Verizon DNS

The number one complaint people have with computers, no matter what operating system, is speed. And part of the problem with the internet is all the outside variables that affect your system speed.

One of the ways you can increase your browsing speed is to change your DNS settings. DNS is what translates into an IP address so your browser can load the site. If your DNS is slow everything will be slow.

The problem is that DNS depends on the website you are going to. If your internet provider has a lot of customers going to for example, they’ll already know the IP address to send to you. So it loads fast.

Well I just found a neat tool that lets you compare DNS providers based on your history. That’s right, they see how long it would take the providers to return the DNS for sites you actually go to.

What I learned is COX (the cable company around here I’d never go back to) is 6.4% slower than my own ISP Verizon. But interestingly enough OpenDNS (which I thought was faster) is also slower at -3.4%. Google Public DNS came in at a slight 1.6% faster speed.

So if I switch to Google’s DNS (I’m using OpenDNS right now) in theory websites should load about 4% faster. I’m going to try it and give it a whirl.. Maybe it’ll make arriving at sites faster so I can win the next tournament.. hahahahaaa