Know your Target Market

This weekend a program was soft launched and a few people joined. There were some problems, and interestingly enough I heard someone emailed out about it to their list trashing the site. Pretty funny IMO because only a handful of people have even heard of it, and less actually joined.

Anyways, this person was quick to attack it without having an account. And from what I’ve heard the main complaint of this person is the price point of our lifetime upgrade. Well here’s some food for thought..

Know your Target Market

You really need to start here. This will change how you do a lot of your pricing and even setup of the site. Without knowing what your target market is, you won’t have a guide on where to go. It’s easy to listen to voices in the crowd yelling their opinions, but when you know your target you’ll stand firm on your decisions. Most of the voices have no clue what you are up to ;-)

Don’t Sell Yourself Short

In this case we are talking about a lifetime upgrade. Now if you know me, I don’t like lifetime upgrades! But for this specific site we thought about it, and decided a lifetime upgrade would be a good option for some. The problem is the trend for owners to sell lifetime upgrades way too low. They do them for a cash grab. That’s not what I’m about. I’m about being committed for the long haul. And when you are in for the long haul selling yourself short is an easy way to fail down the road due to insufficient funds.

Be Willing to Test It Out

Here’s a big one. So many people are uptight about doing the right thing, they tend to do nothing. I’m a huge fan of trying things out. So it doesn’t work the way you planned? So what, you can change it. Wow. Isn’t that amazing? You aren’t locked in for eternity on your decisions. Amazing. So take that understanding and use it to your advantage. Take risks! Some of them will have HUGE rewards. We had no idea if Sweeva would take off like it did. WELL worth it ;-)

Be Willing to Change

Once you try something, you need to be willing to change. If you know your target, try something, and it doesn’t work change it. Otherwise you’ll just continue doing the same thing over and over.


I’m sure many are wondering what this launch is about. Well if you go surf Sweeva I’m sure you’ll see it in rotation. We’re giving the members the first go around on getting referrals. No JVs here. So far it’s been working pretty good, and 19% have upgraded. Of course it’d probably be higher if I didn’t goof and upload the wrong files to wrong sites, there’s a reason I goto bed early..