You could win 20,000 hits just by subscribing

Well the title pretty much says it all. On June 1st I’ll be picking a random subscriber who has subscribed to my blog for at least a week. That means the deadline to enter your email in the subscribe form is May 25th. If you are already a subscriber, just don’t unsubscribe before June 1st =P So make sure you tell your friends and surfing buddies!

11 thoughts on “You could win 20,000 hits just by subscribing

  1. Hi, Tim!

    Nice move! Thank you for the another free lesson! :-)
    (‘give some to get some’)

    I have a question though.

    I’m already subscribed to your blog (from 10/7/07)
    but with different email address than the one in SX.

    Should I change any of the two? Do they have to match?


  2. Great Tim..
    Always finding something “shocking” to serve your members :-)
    Do you never run out of ideas?
    Thanks for beeing what you are to us :-)



  3. Hi Tim
    We have a problem … At first page you send me :
    StartXchange Newsletter Name: ilie
    Email: [email protected]
    Tim Linden’s Blog Name: ilie
    Email: [email protected]
    I press subscribe
    So . I try SXN & TLB with ilie = NO WAY : ilie22sute =NO WAY (Notice:
    Our records indicate that you are already subscribed to this list and have verified your subscription )
    Even so send my name for SXN & TLB

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