Work Less to Work Harder

On Friday I made the executive decision for Timtech to play Xbox One Titanfall on a regular basis, during work hours (and after work hours if anyone wants, but not required). This is because I firmly believe in the philosophy that if you have fun and work less hours, you’ll get more done in the time you do work.

Burnout is a big problem with small online businesses, or any small business really. If you don’t protect against it you’ll end up with massive headaches, long hours, and very little to show for it.

The guys at Groove did a blog post about forcing employees to take vacations and Treehouse stated they make $10,000,000 a year and their employees get paid full time but can only work 4 days a week.

Now vacations sound nice and all but with the way our families work at Timtech I know that’s not realistic. So instead I thought it would be good to play video games together, like we did when we first formed as a company.

Already I’ve heard the words “Timtech is the best company to work for” and “I know it’s a great job honey”, etc. So far it’s working good. Granted, we are playing more than working but it’s making up for 2 years of no gaming at all (at least for me).

I encourage you to come up with a solution for yourself too. When I was working alone I used to go out and take photos of landscapes once a week. It helped keep my sanity. As the weather gets nicer out I’m trying to do more breaks outside as well, even if it’s just to spot spray weeds in my lovely grass ;-)

13 thoughts on “Work Less to Work Harder

  1. Hi Tim this is a good post and very important. You need to get away from the computer. I have my dance classes 2 to 3 days a week, one yoga class and walking that help me get away and I need to play with my birds! And when the weather gets nicer I need to go in the sun. It helps me get more work done in less time if I am not burned out. :)

  2. A much needed reminder to step away from the computer once in a while for one’s sanity. I also get out when I can and practice my photography, it really helps to centre me. Thank you Tim!

  3. You know what’s funny about this Tim? I just came from playing a few games right now, just to read this article you wrote.

    I have been playing (PS3) now in between actual work hours for a few weeks and have only found that I’m no longer as stressed as I was before so all of this makes a lot of sense man.

    Besides they say great minds think alike! ;-)

    PS. I still remember you guys used to play golf or something like that? Although I have a vague memory of Justin playing a flight simulator instead.

  4. Hi Tim, I have experienced burnout and it is not fun. I have taken some time off of late to get ready for an elderly aunt that is coming to visit the 11th of May. This will take some care and consideration of what is best for her comfort while here. Family time is important especially when we haven’t seen each other for a couple of years.
    She will be here for our annual local celebration of Little Norway. There will be lots of food and fun events to see. I will miss being online as much, but will make the effort to attend TELive and check in with friends I do have online. Thanks for the timely post. You enjoy your time also!

  5. Knowing your “WHY” and finding balance is important to finding success. You just need to act as each others’ accountability partners to keep the gaming in balance with the work and the rest of life, like family and personal time.

  6. Burnout is a HUGE problem. I spent close to two years not working full time online, because of it, I vow never to work that hard again without mixing in some fun, as well.

  7. Get away from business for periods every single day. Nothing worse than burning out or putting your long term health at risk. Get up, take a walk, do some housework, read a book….just do something else.

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