Why we don’t always track

I can’t remember who it was, but somebody pointed out we didn’t use a Trck.me link for something. I’m not sure if it was a joke, or if they were shocked or what not. But I wanted to explain why.

The reason is simple: We use tracking for the things we like to track.

Everyone tracks in different ways. Not everyone cares how many clicks a specific tweet gets. But some people do, and they care a lot. In fact some people are really good at writing ad copy because they care so much.

That’s why we build Trck.me to be so versatile. When people ask if it’ll work for something they want to do, I usually tell them to try it however they want. That’s the fun in it, because if you aren’t sure, you can track!

So don’t think for a second we don’t use our own product. We track about 40,000 hits a day and 150,000 banner views a day on one account alone. We hardcore track.. That’s why we built Trck.me the way it is, so Jon and Justin can even track =P

Now this brings us to you. Don’t for a second think that you have to track everything. When you first start out you might only have one tracker, and you might think it’s a waste of time because you aren’t tracking everything.

Well, just like the rest of business, slow and steady wins the race. We didn’t setup all our trackers in one day, we’ve been adding more in over time. It’s too overwhelming if you try to do it all at once, so take your time and have fun with it.

Soon enough you’ll be one of our power users who has 100’s of trackers for everything imaginable. And then you’ll wonder what you did before you had Trck.me!

5 thoughts on “Why we don’t always track

  1. I am an upgraded member to trck.me. Example: I made a splash and put internal links on that page that I was tracking. After a period of time. I received very low clicks on that page. Something like 2 clicks if I remember right.. So I revamped the splash, asked different questions. New bullet points. Video.. A short time after that 287 clicks on that splash… Another situation AR broadcast. Bottom line: If I had not tracked the internal links on that page. I would never had known if it was working or not.. Basically taking a shot in the dark. How do you know if something is working good if you do not know what your visitors are doing.. New pages need to be tracked – tested and tweaked.. Richard Faller

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