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  1. This is a common question and you are correct, there are a variety of variables which come in to play before you can label an add good or bad.
    Tracking your click throughs is the first step in monitoring your ads.
    An important reminder, if you are becoming a leader in any industry, you want to keep your name and face out there at all times. So, even if you are not getting a lot of click throughs, you are branding yourself in your niche. This value should be considered in the cost of your advertising.

  2. For me results/ratios vary wildly depending on what I am promoting. I haven’t promote affiliate pages straight up for a long time now on traffic exchanges but when I did I commonly found it would take around almost 5000 hits to get one paying signup in whatever the program was, however using splash pages and lead capture pages obviously get far better results, but also you have to take into account how many clicks your splash page receives and/or how many subscribers you are getting. If you spend 5000 credits and you only get 2 clicks to your splash page, the obviously you need to change your splash page to something better.

    What I usually like to do is rotate 3 different ads and then track the hits/subscriber ratios on all 3 pages and the eliminate the worst one after running them for about 3-4 weeks. After that I will introduce a new page to the mix and keep tracking everything to see how they convert. Keep doing this and eventually you will get some pages that convert very well, but keep in mind that results to vary a lot from week to week so you need to run one ad for several weeks or sending at least 5,000 hits to it before you make any changes. Unfortunately, I see many people give up on traffic exchanges, safelists, and listbuilders after only sending several hundred hits to their affiliate page, and the running off to the next program because the one they are in didn’t get results for just the few hits they send.

    Consistency is the key when using any type of traffic exchange! Challenge yourself to drive at least 1,000 hits/day to your site for one month before making any decisions whatsoever on if your program is a scam or what not. Say you are promoting a lead capture system and you promote it for a week, that’s not a lot of time but it’s usually all it takes for someone to give up on whatever they are promoting. But say in the weeks worth of timeyou get 10 subscribers, and several people have taken in interest in whatever you are promoting but no one has bought anything yet, you are starting to get frustrated as you haven’t made any money yet, and you are thinking of giving up. In fact, you decide you now want to promote something else.

    If you would have waited a month, you would have had 100 subscribers, and they would all be receiving your followups and you would after the one month just started to see results for your efforts, and then month two you would see more results and so on and by month six you would have a list of 600 subscribers and you would most likely already be earning hundreds a month, if not more.

    My point is that you have to give something a fair chance before giving up on something and this also applies to your ratios as well. Some weeks will be slower then other and some better, so you need to give your ad some time to so you get true average results instead of just seeing the positive or negative spikes.

    Most of us tend to avoid giving exact ratio’s out, just because they vary so wildly, and frankly, I think it would scare people if they found out how much work they actually need to put in to see the results they want to get. I think most people would like to think they could just send a hundred hits a day, or less, and have that be good enough but the fact of the matter is that you need at least 10 times that or more to just start seeing the results you want to get.

    I find that it is harder and harder each year to get decent conversion ratios, just because of the education of traffic exchange users today vs say 4-5 years ago when most people on traffic exchanges were just straight up promoting affiliate pages. Most people are already on so many lists already that they are scared to join more, and if they do, they often don’t read the letters being sen them. One way to fix this is to make your splash or capture page stand out from all the others and by branding yourself. People are more likely to buy from you are subscribe to your list, if they recognize you. I know it’s something I need to work on as I have been marketing online for 6 years now and most people probably don’t know who I am either. :)

    Anyway, enough of me rambling, I need to get some work done! :)

    Brent Bertsch

  3. Thanks, Tim. This is the kind of material I can put to use in days to come. You’re a great guy; keep up the good work. Cheers!

    And thank you, Brent. Your comment was informative and certainly supportive of Tim’s post. Best wishes to you as well.

  4. Hi Tim

    For safelists I would expect at least a 1% conversion as I have a proven squeezepage in place. For TE’s I’ve always found it impossible to generate leads, so it’s all about branding and tracking branding is very difficult.

    Recently I spend $13 on ad.fly traffic, the lead capture page converted at 1%, so that was 130 leads. This sounds good, but you look further into the stats you will see that only 10% confirmed their email, so suddenly the cost per lead doesn’t look so good.

    Halfway through I realised that as they weren’t confirming that I should redirect straight to the affiliate page I was looking to promote, and although the number of sign-ups increased I still didn’t actually make anything.

    Notice how I’m not saying the traffic was rubbish, it’s just that I haven’t yet figured out how to turn it into a profit. Next time I’ll go for a splash page as if I’m getting 1% to fill in an opt-in form I should be able to get a higher clickthrough, and then see how it all compares.

    So I guess I have to agree with you, in that no-one can give a catch all answer to this question, all you can do is track and test until you hit a profitable combination.

    Oh, and if you’re just looking at profit you need to spend a lot of time clicking, don’t forget that your time isn’t free!


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