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  1. Great idea Tim, unfortunately I can’t contribute with anything since I haven’t started tracking inside trck.me yet.

    PS. Great job on the new tagline, fits perfectly with your blog content now.

  2. Hey Tim,

    I have just started trying this with traffic exchange splash pages.
    By loading all the supplied splash page links in one tracker I can see which ones get clicked the most and then use that as a basis for creating a unique splash of my own.

    It was from watching one of the videos on the site that I learned I could put more than one URL in a tracker and that each would be shown according to the settings. I left them all equal to see which gets more attention but once I know
    then I will change the settings to show the best ones more often.

    Then what I thought to try was putting the best splashes from all the te’s into one tracker and see how that worked. If I see a pattern forming say with color
    schemes, or text fonts then I can use this to tailor my own splash pages.

    Great videos and I suggest that everyone take the time to watch them.

    Doug [justasurfer] Nelson

    1. Doug

      I love that you are trying these things out without knowing what will happen! That’s what excites me most about tracking. If you aren’t sure how it’ll go, setup a test and find out!


  3. Hi Tim

    I’m also quite new to trck.me and am still trying out different ways. I’ve already found it a great help although I don’t have any suggestions yet.

    I just want to say thanks to Doug Nelson because he has just given me some great ideas.

    Annamarie (miekieb) Berry

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