Using trackers to eliminate headaches

Recently Google announced it’s shutting down the Google Affiliate Network which means instantly hundreds of thousands of links will simply stop working. It’s a great reminder why using trackers is so important.

Whether you are advertising a small mom and pop shop or a large corp like Google, there is always the possibility of the site being closed down. Using trackers for all your links makes it easy for you to make changes when forced to.

You might not think its so important or frustrating now, but when it gets shut down how do you know you replaced all your links? Still to this day I’ll find old links I put into TEs, blogs, etc that don’t exist anymore.

So rather than waste all that time searching for links and then wasting all the traffic in places you forgot about, use a tracker. Then when the site is no more you update it in one place.

And with we give you unlimited trackers and let you search those trackers easily so you can go crazy and rest assured if you have to, you can easily change your links around anytime!

6 thoughts on “Using trackers to eliminate headaches

  1. Thats half the reason I use, so I can easily change promotions at all places with one simple change. hmmmmm $9 a month too expensive, thats a cup of coffee a fortnight to give up..palllllllllllllllease!

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