Taking over the Traffic Exchanges

I’ve seen this done with teams before, where they all promote at the same exchange together so the entire exchange is flooded with their ads. It works because you really do notice the huge increase in ads for that particular program.

Well the guys at SiteXplosion have been doing this, and even paying you to do it! They call it “TE TakeOver”. They pay you cash for promoting your own referral link on the exchanges they pick out. In essence paying us all to be their team and promote like crazy flooding the site.

I like the concept..  being paid to promote your own referral link. And I bet it works too (I honestly don’t have tracking data). Yes, more people will be promoting it inside that exchange, but on the flip side you’re getting way more branding so people are likely to take notice.

I have done testing and have tracked people signing up to my site after seeing the ad 100 times. So it may seem like a waste of repeat hits, but in reality sometimes the person waits till they see it a lot before jumping in because they don’t want to join a dieing site. And SiteXplosion is growing, not dieing ;-)

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  1. Hi Tim,

    Yes I agree…Shane and Blain at SiteXplosion are innovators and I have already seen others trying to copy them….another one just today which is an exchange that is desperate and on the way out. lol

    NUGGET…be original and don’t copy innovators…be an innovator and a leader and you’ll gain a solid reputation within the TE community.

  2. Yes Shane and Blain the Site Explosion guys started this about three weeks ago. And while I do not have tracking and stats enough to “show the numbers” I think is a really AWESOME thing and jumped on it as soon as I saw it and been doing it all three weeks now.

    I told Blain this a great way to get seed money. While u not going to get rich with it, it takes no time to set it up. The first time u use it you have to set up your rotator and that takes many be 5 min and then after that a few sec each week to put your rotator into the exchange for that week. And you make money each time one of your links are seen. It takes no time at all and u not clicking all day for a few pennies.

    And like u said Tim this is another great way to brand yourself…

    Kudos on the post and kudos to Blain and Shane for coming up with something NEW and interesting.


  3. I’ve looked at this but haven’t participated so thanks for your review and the other comments. This is good encouragement to go out and try something a little different…and that’s what it is all about: being out there.

  4. SiteXplosion does a great job of standing out.
    The TE TakeOver idea is another good marketing tactic they are implementing in a cool and unique way.
    I expect SiteXplosion will continue to grow and is here for the long haul, jumping in to the Top 20 exchanges for good.

    1. Eric, as I’m sure you can tell, I have yet to join that TE and have no clue what the Task Force is. Not sure that we are catching on to something that we have no clue about. I guess it’s all in the marketing.

  5. Nice Post Tim
    I will have to agree with ou all. I was number 83 to sign up with Shane. And have seen his site do some good things. In the recent few months he has doubled his surfers per day. Congrats to Shane. I expect to see more good things to come.
    Richard Faller

  6. I totally agree Tim, that the idea is great! James just released the IT CPM on the anniversary of the creation of IT and is a very welcome addition. An Idea, whose time has come for sure.
    Sam and Deb
    Mabank, Texas

  7. Excellent post Tim, I agree Blain and Shane have great ideas and are always thinking outside the box. Too bad alot of other marketers consider origonal to be something already done with a slight modification of someone elses ideas.

    Like Mr. Ritter said “Be Origonal” people.
    Being similar you could find yourself strengthening someone elses brand.
    Bill Gorcsi

  8. Tim,

    Thanks for the kudos. We always are trying new things out and love to hear feedback from members. Yes some people have already tried to create their own version of the takeover, which is fine, because we like to be the innovators in this industry that people want to copy. It only lets us at BAD Marketing know that we are doing great things!

    We do have some ideas churning to make it that much better, but those are still in the works, and with any luck, we will get copied then too!!!

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