A Tip for using Safelists, List Builders, etc

If you are like me you probably can’t manage everything you want to do. You lose track, get overwhelmed, and as a result you forget to do important things that take little time but have big results.

For instance, when you’re using ListNerds you can email every so many days, depending on your upgrade level. Well, what if you can email every 5 days, but forget that it’s been 5 days? Yes, you can just email whenever you go there next, but you could get more emails out if you remembered.

So what I do is use Outlook. It’s got a really neat feature that is perfect for this! Yes, many task managers can let you repeat a task over and over, but Outlook is a little different:

3-6-2013 12-34-05 PM

See here, it actually regenerates the task after it’s completed. The big difference is this.. Say I can email every 5 days. But on the 5th day I’m too busy, so I actually do it on the 6th day. Well I have to wait 5 days from that 6th day now. But most task managers will keep recurring from the 5th day. So the next reminder is actually reminding me too early!

I can’t keep track of all that stuff, so this does it for me. It also means something else.. My task list isn’t filled with the same tasks over and over. That task isn’t made until after it’s done, so it doesn’t show up in my task list multiple times. Only once.

This helps me because I get overwhelmed with large task lists and become blind to things that are repeated over and over. So only seeing it once reminds me I need to do it, without adding any stress.

So there you have it, a quick tip. I wish other task managers had that option, but so far Outlook is the only one I’ve seen with it!


16 thoughts on “A Tip for using Safelists, List Builders, etc

  1. Hi Tim. This is a great idea. I believe one can do it through Google Calendar as well. There are daily, weekly and monthly alerts you can set off as well. That’s what I am doing since I don’t have Outlook. There is no way I can keep track of all the mailers mailing dates either lol.

    Great post! Thanks :)

  2. I had no idea that task manager could do these things and I thank you for writing about it.
    I don`t comment to often Tim but when I do it`s because you`re a tremendous help to me, you constantly add great explanations and when you tell how you do what you do I pay strict attention even if what you`re writing about is above my head, I will remember them for future use.
    Thanks for the tip and I`ll see if I can implement something like this for my tasks.

    I again thank you and I hope you have a great day.

    Mark D.

  3. Great tip, Tim. I AM using Google Calendar and you can go daily, or twice a week or a week, but 3 days and 5 days beats it…

    I’ll check it out. I’d do it right now, but there is no link in your post:)

  4. I like it simple. Nothing complex and something that is going to take a few seconds to input data. I use pink calendar. Similar to outlook for repeats. A program so simple to use but keeps me on track. It will also let you give a day early notice and set a time in hours for an early notice. Pops up on the desktop and sounds an alarm. This program will work on my windows computer but not my linux os computer. I liked the program so much I did a blog post on it several months ago…

    This was a great post.
    Richard Faller

  5. I’m using ViralMailProfits to keep track of mailers (you can add safelists if they are not already featured, plus you get CTR stats). I’m also using Google Calendar for all my other tasks. Either way, everyone should find something they are comfortable with to keep track of what they have to do so as not to waste too much time!


  6. That’s a good idea Tim, but I agree with Bettina.

    ViralMailProfits works just fine and you can add
    ListNerds to your “User Defined” programs [UD]

    Whether your using Outlook, ViralMailProfits or
    another program the process is more tedious
    than “complicated”.

    Plus ViralMailProfits is much more than a reminder

    Ted Dwyer

  7. Boys, it is simple for all it does. And I supposed at least Tim to understand that the techniques behind it are pretty tricky.
    You can add up to 999 user defined mailer to it.
    You can save your templates there and do so much stuff.
    The online help is great also.

    I would be lost without VMP. This for sure is an evergreen product for me.

    Greetings Bettina

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