My thoughts on JVs and launches

Well we recently launched ListNerds, and it was a huge success. We’ve never built a mailer before and we’ve never really done a full on “launch” like we did with it. So I learned a few things along the way.

Give your launch partner lots of time! That’s the most crucial thing in any launch, relaunch, etc. If you want people to promote it you need to give them a heads up way before launch time. Sending a message a minute after launch isn’t the way to go. If you don’t give proper time to learn what’s new and different and plan it into promotion schedules, you can’t expect much from it.

Be clear with expectations! I goofed on this one, I didn’t put what you could or couldn’t do with our launch like most other JV invites had. I thought the rules were always silly. Well, there was confusion about it as a result. Thankfully everyone we work with is pretty cool and things got worked out, but I would have much preferred to have no confusion at all. Now I feel silly for thinking all the rules are silly =P

Don’t join if you won’t promote! If you are given a JV request, and don’t plan on promoting the site, then don’t join. It’s really not cool to look at the list of JVs and see people getting the benefits of the upgrade but not promoting it. Getting excuses after launch or not even hearing from them just makes it worse.

You’ll learn who your friends are! Someone recently told us that during a launch they were running and we were a part of. It really is true you’ll learn who your friends are when you do a launch like this. It’s not rocket science but if you like someone and like their product you’ll promote it like crazy.

Expect what’s reasonable! Now this is related to the last statement. If you have a JV who has limited reach, don’t expect them to pass a top promoter. There are people who we know love us because we see how hard they tried with the resources they have available to them. It’s not just gross signups or gross sales. Effort is a huge thing in my book.

So there you go, some of my thoughts on launches. It really has been fun launching ListNerds!

5 thoughts on “My thoughts on JVs and launches

  1. A…men! Most definitely learned some things about this industry in this launch. Some awful wake up calls but more importantly the awesome group of folks that did support and help us with this. Lessons learned!

  2. Great post Tim as usual. It is surely easy to jump behind a product that you know is going to be top notch. It may be in an area (mailers) that is new to you but as always you guys give 200% and so it will be the best. I am looking forward to the ride.

    Seems there have been so many launches of new things lately that it has been hard to keep up with it time wise and resource wise, but I am so happy to be a part of this. I have never really been that “into” mailers and have found myself utilizing them more in the past week to advertise this than I have in the last 3 years. It has opened my eyes to a whole new advertising arena. Thanks guys!


  3. Talk about synchronicity in the universe. Your email alert about this post arrived together with this week’s Zig Ziglar Newsletter with the subject “Learn from your mistakes.”

    Here’s what Zig has to say on the subject, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all of us could take that approach when people “wrong us,” and then apologize, understanding clearly that yes, we all do make mistakes, but the biggest one would be not to accept the apology when it’s offered. Think about it and I’ll SEE YOU AT THE TOP! ”

    I’m pretty sure that everyone has accepted everyone else’s apology and we’re all back at the top together now!


  4. TIm, I really appreciate your candor about the launch… We are all human (some of us are more human than others…:) )… we make mistakes… Rules are not always there to make right or wrong… they are to level the playing field so everyone has the same expectation. Thank you for the post!


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