The Paypal Headache is Almost Over

There was a bug inside Paypal that was causing subscriptions to not always renew. They would say they were active, but the next bill date was a date in the past. At first there were one or two customers that were affected, but then it became dozens!

Well I’m happy to say the bug was fixed. If you were one of the affected customers it appears either A) your subscription was processed on the 30th or B) it skipped April and will continue at the next monthly rebill.

This bug was entirely out of our control, so we appreciate everyone’s patience during this time. It’s been just as frustrating for us.

If you still have any weird issues please let us know. If your in the B category especially let me know, I’ll make sure your upgrade is extended so you don’t miss any benefits for Paypal’s snafu ;-)

4 thoughts on “The Paypal Headache is Almost Over

  1. I was affected by this and thought it was because of the promo offer, but once I was in Pay Pal I was able to update my subscription with that account, then withdraw occurred about a week later, but I am glad to hear that the problem was taken care properly, and thanks for the notification.

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