So we launched Kore4

We’ve had a few botched plans over the years so when we were huddled around coming up a game plan on what’s next, we listened to the inner Jon Olson and realized we should go back to our roots. We still plan to take over the email and tracking world, but Kore4 was very traffic exchange focused.

What is Kore4?

Kore4 to me is the ultimate TimTech upgrade plus some all new things. First the upgrades. With Kore4 we’re upgrading you at CTP and all four of our exchanges to a newer level. For instance, our previous highest levels gave 30% commissions at the TEs, but the Kore4 level gives 50%.

It gets better. On average Kore4 gives you double the credits surfing compared to the old upgrades, and double the delivery rate too. Kore4 is actually 4 times the delivery of a free account!

It gets even better

Kore4 unlocks a new concept we’re doing. We’ve been teaching everyone how to track, how to build a list, how to use traffic exchanges, but everyone kept coming back with well what do we write in the emails and what do we promote?

So Kore4 members get access to a whole new “easy button” for list building. You literally give us your RocketResponder login and we create the list, fill up the autoresponder series, and give you a whole bunch of optin pages to use. The entire system but you’re building your list.

This means you can add, edit, tweak, whatever you want to the list. It’s yours. Even if you cancel Kore4 the next day you still got your list!

Right now the systems promote Kore4 or the sites within Kore4 (you can pick which series you want to use!) but the goal will be to spread out into other niches so you have a variety of types of lists you can build.

But wait, there’s more =P

That’s the part I’m most excited about, but we have even more. We’ve got an exclusive forum for Kore4 members to be able to network with the TimTech guys and amongst each other. There are plenty of other benefits but I highlighted the ones that I particularly liked. If you’re Kore4, post what you like the most below!

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  1. Kore 4 is amazing, more stuff, less moolah, I can’t wait until I’m making some money, where I can afford it. :)

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