POLL: Which would you prefer?

I’ve been working on a new feature for RocketResponder and I’d like your feedback. Sometimes I get stuck in a certain way of thinking that makes sense to me but not anyone else. (Remember the old TEToolbox anyone!?).

What I want to do is make a really easy and fun way to make your emails look better. The problem I have is most of the other autoresponders do it in a majorly complicated way. I don’t even bother with them because my emails ended up lame and it took too long.

I also wanted to have all my emails be consistent. When the editor comes up for every email I have to make sure it’s the same as the last and I also have to make sure my follow ups are the same.

So what I envisioned was a way to select a template for each list. You can obviously change which template you want, but you wouldn’t select it every time you send an email and all your emails would use the same template.

The only issue I see with that is if you like changing the look of the email every time. Which you could still do if you change the list template for each email, but essentially all your followups and confirmation emails would change with it too.

I honestly don’t know which method is better because I can see us using both. So I’m looking for your feedback: Would you prefer selecting a template every time you send an email, or would you prefer selecting a template for your list?

21 thoughts on “POLL: Which would you prefer?

  1. Hmmmmm. I think I’d like the template for every list option. Being basically lazy, I wouldn’t have to think about anything when I want to send an email to a specific list. I could be spontaneous and consistent at the same time.

  2. I agree with Tom, one template for each list. oh and by the way, is it possible at all to have a mobile responsive capture form? I have responsive pages with responsive videos and a capture form that won’t change size.

    1. If you used the form builder it’s probably the CSS with the fixed width. If you take that out it should resize with the rest of your page.

  3. Looks like I’m with the majority… one template for each list…
    I have difficulty pasting into the editor. Both keyboard and mouse
    Chrome as well as FF… is it just my computer?

    1. Try a CTRL+F5 hard refresh. We purchased the editor because it’s supposed to work great with both PC and Mac with copying and pasting from all browsers.

  4. Why not have the option for both, it’s just a changeable radio option for a list. It would be good if the template was applied to the email itself instead of remaining a template then the user could change it as required so long as a suitable editor is used.

  5. I’m for one template per LIST. Would these templates be customizable? I am imagining a template that has a header graphic, a footer graphic, and a vertically tiling background graphic that adjusts to the length of your message. So if I create my own custom branded template (say in Photoshop) I can slice it into three horizontal graphics, upload those three files to RR and it’s done. Possible?

    1. Tim, I just emailed you an example of a 3-graphic template message, sent from Apple’s desktop Mail app. They have some very attractive templates that can be applied to any email being sent, but the raw source is pretty complex. Have a look and see.

  6. One template per list is my preference. I like the idea of a side bar (on the right, for example), which can have a couple of links in it and perhaps an image or two – similar to Tame Bear’s suggestion. Not sure how that would work if subscribers opt for text only messages in their email clients though – would it mess things up?
    Also, is there an option to ask for just the email address and no name in the squeeze? I can’t seem to see that possibilty. I have it on good authority that asking for email only is more effective than those which ask for name as well. It would be great to be able to text it out too.

    1. By default the form builder doesn’t ask for user’s name. If you have it in there you must have checked the box that puts it in the form ;-)

  7. I currently have a template for each list, consists of header and layout so that each list has its own unique style.
    so if you are creating templates my preference would be each list.

  8. I’m still using the template that I created for Living Wealthy before you had templates. When I start my next list, I will use a completely different template that I do not want to have to pick each time. Thanks for asking.

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