Minimum Browser Size

I recently did a poll on Average Browser Height at Net Marketing Forum. The actual average came to 462 pixels, and the closest guess was 450. Well, I’d like to continue the discussion but ask what should the window size be at a minimum? At what point is the browser too small to effectively advertise in?

4 thoughts on “Minimum Browser Size

  1. I think the minimum window size should be a percentage of the total since there are so many different sizes and ages of monitors out there. 75% of the available space seems like a good amount to me.
    My monitor is 17″ and the actual screen height is about 10 1/4″. So 75% for my monitor is just over 7.8″. I don’t know the exact pixel amount that would be.
    I try to make my splash pages no larger than 6-7″ and even then I’m sure the whole splash isn’t seen in a lot of browser windows.
    I would think a window smaller than 450 would be too small to effectively advertise but who really knows?

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