What is a Manual Traffic Exchange?

There are different types of traffic exchanges online. They all have the same goal in mind, to bring traffic to your website. There are many types, like link exchanges where you exchange links on websites, banner exchanges (swapping banners), and these things called manual traffic exchanges.

If you’ve never heard of a manual traffic exchange before, it can sound confusing. But basically the premise is you are manually exchanging traffic with other webmasters. You yourself are viewing websites in return for other people viewing yours.

The biggest difference with a manual traffic exchange and link exchanges or banner exchanges is that the traffic you have to generate, whereas the others generate traffic from the visitors already going to your website. This is why so many people think it’s a brilliant idea to go to an auto traffic exchange.

Auto traffic exchanges have one flaw, and it’s a big one..  Pretty much everyone using them has that same brilliant idea, to find a way automatically generate traffic, forgetting that pretty much nobody is looking.

So with the disadvantage of having to view the websites yourself, what could the advantage be? Well the people viewing your website are actually viewing it. With a banner exchange that banner could be at the bottom of the page and the viewer is looking only at the top.

Of course not everyone will always look straight at your ad and read it over carefully and sign up to your offer or buy your product or whatever the first time. But the same thing goes for TV ads, and yet they still work.

That’s where branding comes in. On average they say it takes 7 views of an ad before it’ll work, well lucky for you with a manual traffic exchange it’s easy to do.

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16 thoughts on “What is a Manual Traffic Exchange?

  1. Good post.

    I realize there are people that do not view all of the pages, even in a manual exchange, but I agree that it is an advertising medium that anyone can brand themselves in.

    Just play by the rules and get your business shown.

  2. Tim,

    That’s some really good info, especially for any newbies to the industry. I couldn’t agree more about auto-exchanges. People don’t realize that everyone has that same idea: set it and forget it.

    Keep on pumping out the good stuff.

    Drive Safe,

  3. 7 views of an ad before it works is a simplification of the true story. In reality it might take 7 views from a fresh set of eyes to be effective otherwise why must an ad show several thousand times to get a hit. And how effective are te’s for a normal surfer as opposed to a te owner for instance. A perfect example is AF’s recent referral contest which of course is totally dominated by te owners. The real question is are te’s effective for anyone other than te owners. Why not use a auto surf site if only trying to increase site exposure for seo rankings? Auto sites get far more hits than manual sites of course even if no one is actually looking at them. Why try to sell something to people trying to sell something? My experience, albeit fairly new, is that best results from te’s are promoting other te’s, building downlines and making others money. Therefore the real question here is are te’s really effective for anyone other than te owners?

    1. Not to distract from your thoughts, but traffic exchanges (auto or manual) don’t affect SEO. They can make Alexa go up, but Alexa is not SEO.

    2. You’d be surprised about the branding it takes to get a signup sometimes. I’m looking at some tracking I’ve done and one person saw two of my splash pages 25 times and THEN signed up.

      Another person took even longer! So that 7 view statistic might not be accurate for TEs (I hope to discover an actual average, but of course it varies per ad)

  4. Very nice post, Tim. I agree with a lot that Merth said, but also disagree with a lot of it.

    It is true that TEs work best for TE owners, but there are people like me, who actually do look at the sites and sign up for things. But, my hits and signups dont usually register in the TEs, because I usually bookmark the site and then sign up later from the bookmark.

    Granted, my main goal is to get sign ups for my programs, but I am always looking for ways to improve my bottom line at the same time.

    I get the best results from TEs that have a chat while surfing feature, so I can network with other surfers while generating traffic for my sites.

    Keep up the good work Tim. I love your blog.

  5. I think TE’s work very similar to TV commercials (of course I may be wrong) in that they constantly keep your ad in front of people. When McDonalds runs an ad on TV, they don’t expect everyone to drop what they’re doing and run out to buy a hamburger. What they hope to do is keep their name in front of people and build familuarity, so when some one thinks about getting a hamburger, they think of McDonalds. Seeing an ad over and over can build trust. It may take 1000’s & 1000’s of hits before you get signups. Many times, someone sees your ad and they are interested but take no action. The more often they see your ad, the more interested they become. I know I have done this myself, until finally I took action, i.e. familuarity builds trust. It can be frustrating.

  6. Another great post! I’d say it’s at least 7. And yes, I find that manual is the way to go — gets more people actually viewing your stuff! Of course if you have a horrible squeeze page, then it won’t matter!: ) It has to draw their attention to get the click!

    Brad Pollinas lastest blog post..Inter-network Marketing Lead Generation – Is Mlm Lead Generation A Scam?

  7. I agree, manual is the way to go. At least people are seeing your ad, tho it might take several views before it really sinks in.

    More good stuff!

    Thanks Tim.

  8. I have found TEs to be very useful. I have gotten signups for my programs over and over again. So, if there is anyone out there who thinks that they don’t work, think again.

  9. Hi All,

    I have surfed manual and not surfed (LOL) auto TE’s..I do surf more than one TE at a time and when a manual changes pages it will make you look at it for a second or 2 until you can click back to your manual exchange. But with that said…I still prefer manual….this way if I want to look at an add I am not stopped in the middle of it and directed to another site!!

    Thanks Tim Great Post!!
    Shirlene and Bill

  10. I used a couple of auo-surfs many years ago, but very quickly stopped that. I wasn’t looking; made sense that no one else was either.

    Manual exchanges may be more work, but the likelihood of real eyes seeing your pages is increased exponentially.

  11. Hey Tim, Manual Traffic Exchanges are
    good for continuous traffic but i believe
    you can get more view time with Text
    ads, They have to click and watch to get the points. How do we get Fresh Targeted Leads to the Traffic Exchanges? Have a wonderful Day,
    Timothy Millar

    Timothy Millars lastest blog post..JV Source

  12. Great info for newbies tim. I own 2 exchanges, and i think manual exchanges benefit everyone including the owners. Owners get free advertising, but if your offer sucks it still won’t do well. And even great offers take many exposures before any action occurs.

    That said, i’ve actually been using text ads and banner ads for one big reason – your ads are not stuck within the traffic exchange as most of the ads are served on other peoples web pages – so your ads are seen by people outside the exchange, put another way if an exchange only has 1000 members, your prospect pool is limited.

    I’ve recently started to upgrade my exchanges so that my members can host banners and text ads on *their* webpages and still eanr credit, so ads will be seen in my exchanges as well as outside my exchanges – similar to startxchanges banner exchange.

  13. I also surf about 100 other exchanges as well to get lots of reach and diversity.

    I recently built a manual traffic exchange rotator for personal use that i’ll probably turn into a membership site.

    As i find new exchanges I use a form to add them. when i open it up in my browser, it randomly picks 5 exchanges from the database for me to surf, so i don’t get stuck surfing the same exchanges over and over.

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