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I’ve got two really cool ways I’ve found to manage my emails. I’m actually really surprised about these things. I only learned about them recently but they’ve helped me with reducing the overwhelming feeling every time I log into my email accounts.

The First is – Which, isn’t outlook. It’s not software. It’s weird, but basically this is Microsoft’s 5th attempt at getting email right. So I guess they named it something else. Well here is why I like using it for traffic exchanges, safelists, mailers, etc:

  • I have a separate email address for each type of site. One for traffic exchanges, and one for safelists. It automatically puts the emails into the folder for those emails, separating the mountain of email from safelists I get.
  • It can automatically keep only the most recent email from a specific sender. I’ve done this with most of the traffic exchanges because I only care about what’s happening right now. If I missed a promo from weeks ago, I already missed it. So this keeps the inbox size down to only 1 email from each exchange (which is already a ton!)

The Next is – This service I use for my Gmail accounts. This is basically what Gmail should have been doing all along. It automatically sorts my emails and learns my habits. It also has some neat features:

  • You can move emails to “SaneNextWeek” and the email will go back into your inbox next week. Great for emails that you need to get to, but don’t have time right away.
  • It can scan your spam folder for people that probably shouldn’t be in there.
  • It learns which emails are Newsletters, and puts them in a separate folder for you.
  • It learns which emails are most important, and which you can get to later.
  • It makes it very easy to blacklist a sender. I’m totally fed up with Gmail allowing spam in from senders who constantly spam me but yet marking as spam does nothing. Now I just put it into the SaneBlackHole and my inbox has been super happy!

Now SaneBox does cost money, depending on how many features you end up using. I’m using 4 of the features so it will only cost me $5.79/month. So so worth it in all the time it’s saved me already.

You also get to try all the features out for free for 14 days. And if you use my link you’ll save $5 once you start paying. Very worth it!

10 thoughts on “Managing your Email

  1. Well I have 4 gmail accounts. That sorts them already. I search for what I need credits for in each inbox. Get what I need then delete. Very simple.I don’t have to worry if something is in spam or not it will get deleted. I always check spam every day. What ever you are waiting for it will be there. I delete all the trash every 2 or 3 days stops bounces.

    When gmail introduced there marking for important e-mails I found on the fifth day every singe e-mail, about 6000, was marked as important. Gave me a good laugh at the beginning of the day. I deleted them now what it marks makes no sense at all so I just ignore them. I cannot see a need for a paid for box.

  2. I’m a gmail guy, with 4 accounts. Primary, safe list repository, safe list 2 and ‘experimental’. Used when I am doing research that I never care to revisit:) Send away, I just delete all once in a while…

    I use filters on my other gmail accounts. Most bypass the inbox and show up in a folder on the side…

    Works for me. My problem with Outlook goes back several years and I haven’t touched it since…

  3. Problem is, Sanebox gets expensive if you have lots of email accounts – but I notice it says it works with lots of other webmail people, even the dreaded AOL!
    I did sign up, but as I prefer to use POP not IMAP for my main accounts, I have cancelled already – works with email clients too (as long as you use IMAP – as far as I can tell).
    Worth checking out – thanks, Tim.

  4. Email is a tough cookie to manage when working online. With 4 gmail accounts for business, 2 Yahoo accounts for personal, I spend way to much time on it. Love the suggestions and comments

  5. Hi Tim,

    My safe list account has over 650,000 messages and it works really well for me as I’m still able to get enough messages into the correct folders via filters so I can earn enough credits.

    With so much mail and no charge I think it is an amazing gig, but with safelists learning the basic filters is a must regardless of what system you use.


  6. Totallly piss** off with my email addy for private use. Now C&W changing hands to an offshore Company. Cannot get Outlook with Win7, Will take yonks to get all sites changed (PayPal)
    What would you do?

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