Make time to track

When customers cancel subscriptions with us, I’ll shoot them an email asking why. The most surprising reason for cancelling, is time.

It’s not an unusual reason either. And I get it, I sign up for things and don’t have the time to really try it out so I’ll cancel them too. But tracking is critical for business.

You need to be tracking. Without tracking you are literally wasting money on advertising. Even if you only use free methods, you are wasting time advertising with those methods.

Consider this: You could be spending hours on a method that is bringing no results. As a result you don’t have time for tracking or other important things that could be giving you results. You could be struggling for no reason at all.

So here’s what I want you to do. I want you to start tracking today. Even if it’s just grabbing a tracker URL. It’s a start. It’s farther than you are now. Then a few days from now take the next step and split test ads, or even track your conversions.

Just don’t keep procrastinating on tracking. Don’t do it, you’re wasting time and money!

8 thoughts on “Make time to track

  1. I agree Tim. If you do not track what you are doing as far as advertising you are going blind. Especially if you are using an affiliate url with absolutely no tacking of its own. Years ago (late 90s) I purchased ad space on one of the minor search engines. (Can not remember which SE) It was for an entire month and was only $30 so I thought I would give it a try. I know now that some of these minor search engine get little or no traffic, back then I did not know that. Through the whole month I did not even get one click. If I would not have tracked results, I would have been blind to the results of the $30 ad. And perhaps gave it another try and wasted my ad money again.

    Richard Faller

  2. is probably the last thing I would ever unsubscribe too. But I gotten a few of those emails mainly as I change my upgrade level and it looks like I’ve canceled in PayPal

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