Lots of Buzz with VideoPal.. But now a contest!

Jon showed me VideoPal and the concept is great. I’m really excited to see what people do with this. You can take a boring affiliate link and spice it up. You can point out selling points on a product that their sales page misses. So many ideas.

Anyways..  I thought it would be fun to use Sitizens and VideoPal together. So, I’m starting a contest. Here’s how it works:

  1. Create a VideoPal link for whatever affiliate link, website, blog, etc you want.
  2. Submit the link to Sitizens on t/videopal
  3. Vote and comment on the other submitted links (up or down, and comment)

What I’ll do is setup a campaign on DoctorTraffic for 1000 hits per day. And I’ll periodically check the videopal topic. The top rated under “hot” will be set as the site to receive the traffic. I’ll keep this going on as long as there is good activity on that topic!

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