Let’s work together! #CTPplayoffs

The #CTPplayoffs started in the weee hours last night. The top performing teams are already dominating their brackets. But the bottom teams need our help. We’ve got 48 hours to help them move back up the ranks to over take those teams that are dominating.

This is where you come in.. Comment below with your ideas on how we can help the bottom 4 teams over take the top 4 teams in their bracket! As a bonus, if you comment you’ll get 1 million XP! (as long as you use the same email as in your CTP Profile).

The 1 mill xp was removed due to abuse

106 thoughts on “Let’s work together! #CTPplayoffs

  1. Communication is KEY! Talk with each other and have a plan (be willing to CHANGE that plan as needed). Use SKYPE, CTP and any other means necessary (SMOKE SIGNALS?) Seriously, talk to each other, and POOL resources….that means all goodies and USE them. They certainly don’t do any good just SITTING there when it is time for WAR!

  2. Extend the badge hunt by 24 hours so “everyone” has a fair chance of collecting the badges they are entitled to so we can earn more XP.

  3. team Communication Team Work. Talk to each other. if their is something your not sure of I am sure the other team members will help

  4. teamwork is essential and so is communication. Keeping eachother informed is one of the keys. Like I was to check this blog :)
    Good luck to all teams in playoffs!!!

  5. Patrick had a similar idea to mine. :) Check your downline and the chances are, someone from a smaller team will be there. This is now a chance to help the member with ideas on earning XP and will also build a better relationship for the future. It’s a Win-Win scenario.

  6. Teamwork not only helps folks to learn to work together it helps to build better communication skills for every member of that team. This is priceless in every facet of life itself.!!

  7. Maybe TimTech can talk with the lower bracketed team leaders and give them suggestions. The team leaders should send out info PMs to it’s members as to how they can collect XP. No matter if the team leaders think the team members know already they should never assume. Communication is the most important in a team. It’s supposed to be about networking. I think many people miss that point. When we communicate with each other about how to get XP those conversations often lead to other topics and conversations…. BAM! Networking!

  8. communicaton is the key to your team members. Get a team page or join together on skype or yahoo messenger and send the team a msg on ctp to make sure you are all on the same page

  9. I will be happy to donate CTP points to a team that needs the help! It’s not always about being perfect… a batter in baseball is considered great when they can hit 1 out of 3 pitches. One other point is practice… it is not just practice that helps you achieve the goal. It is perfect practice that makes you perfect. So clicking each image correctly every time will give you more points than missing every 3rd time. So… baseball players practice the perfect swing repeatedly so they can achieve the 1 out of 3 hits! :)

  10. Hey, Tim. You know what’s crazy? My current team is getting beat the worst of any of the teams in the bracket, yet, our losing point total is currently higher than the winning point totals in any other portion of the brackets. The renegades came to play!

  11. My Invitation to join Renegades was a discovery for me as new CTP member. Now I know, its the best thing I did in the past years.
    My Team mates are awesome, became my friends and I learned so much from all of them.
    Fighting together for goals, its just awesome.

  12. Develop a strategy as to what works for each team member. Some like chasing eggs, some like going for high XP badges and massive surfing totals. Have a diversity of attacks coming from one team and let everyone shine with the skills they are gifted with.

  13. I made some great posts…It’s a shame they didn’t show up. I’ll try this one last time. It takes motivation, dedication, and determination. The motivation is there, $$$. Dedication and determination is something we can’t give them though.

  14. I helps to share the wealth, give xp batteries to those who might need them, etc. it may help motivate the members on the team who don’t chip in as much normally.

  15. Set up a Skype group chat room for your team. If you need help ask for it. If you see someone needs help reach out and ask how you can help. For folks not on a team you could “adopt” a person for this Playoff and ask how you can help. Communication is the key.

  16. Tim it would be nice to help all the teams out that are on the bottom. I would suggest them to work and communicate together – exactly.. this is a time where team members can not remain silent no matter they are in the lead or falling behind. One should never give up ever on anything and that is just how I feel on it. Good Luck and listening to your YouTube now and I like this because it is not like Blab – which to me is becoming a bunch of mindless BLAB.. This to me is more educational and more business oriented.. good going Tim.. You are a genius and no I am not kissing up. I hope you do more of these.. You are a smart young man you are. .(now do I get 2 mil for saying that) lol Now go Team Wealth Builders!! Thanks Tim for all you do.. I like the banners you did for the DC and Vaults too.. Good work guy!

  17. Go to Hit Funnel. Pick one of the 15 different ways to claim Plus 1 Badge #119 and you will earn bonus XP plus be in a drawing for 1 Million XP!!!

  18. Make sure all are informed on everything they can do, all their options, best strategies, and how to best use the batteries.

  19. They need to form a team skype group to keep each other up to date it helps to communicate. some send pm to ctp but not everyone has the time to look for a message from their team mate between all the xp earn messages. i would also look at a person profile in ctp that is doing well in earning xp and see where they surf that usually tells me that might be where the xp is.

  20. My goodness! Scrolling thru the comments it appears that all the great ideas have been mentioned. The bottom line is: in order to have a viable shot at winning, every team member has to participate as best they can, and communicate/share with each other the best ways to earn that XP. Bust a** and take names! :D (and don’t drop the ball like Detroit did)

  21. As with everyone else, communication is the huge key here. Players that do not want to communicate do not seem to get very far. Get networking with others in the community – not just team members but others that could help your future in TE’s.

  22. Why don’t some of the top teams give some hints and tips as they lower may not be as experienced or knowledgeable on what to do to gain xp. ? its all about knowledge and teamwork.

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