Interesting Survey Results!

It’s a brand new year and we did a brand new survey. The results were actually pretty interesting. For the most part, everyone is happy!

The interesting part is a lot of people in the industry seem to think that there are problems with Paypal, but our survey shows that it’s not quite the case. It stems because Paypal started to crack down on illegal behavior, and well, we know that Paypal crack downs start out with illegal behavior and moves out to people who might not have done anything wrong but appear to be affiliated with the other people.

So if you were affected, but haven’t done anything wrong, contact Paypal! Over the last 15 years we’ve had our account frozen, limited, the whole works. But calling up Paypal has always resolved the problem. It sounds scary but think about it, if you don’t know if a customer is being abusive, sometimes the best way to find out is to force them to call you up. Not fun for us, but I get it.

Anyways, back to the survey, I thought it was interesting because the majority still puts Paypal as #1. With the rumor wheel I thought Paypal was done for, but our survey of customers shows that’s not the case at all. There was also interest in Credit Cards, which we do, but not everyone knew we did.

To everyone who did complete the survey.. ¬†Thanks! There was a lot of feedback in there we’ll be going through.¬†January is a great time to make improvements. Mentally it feels like a fresh start and it’s motivating!

5 thoughts on “Interesting Survey Results!

  1. so you wont mind then if I call paypal and ask them why was told to stop taking paypal and yet there are your TE’s still being allowed to use PP

    Maybe I should phone them and give them your te’s as examples that prove we should still be allowed to use paypal for what isn’t actually a TE just a software site

    1. I think there was a misunderstanding. I know Paypal can be difficult to deal with, we’ve been there many, many times. It has taken us calling them daily at times. Sometimes the person on the other end will deny anything is wrong, other times they’ll say oh ok we’ll have someone call you back. It took about 3 months for them to fix an error (they weren’t rebilling our subscriptions!!).

      Anyways I was more trying to make this a positive, don’t give up post. Paypal tends to go overboard when they find someone doing something wrong, and they take out a lot of people who had nothing to do with it. Eventually you can get it back and going so don’t give up hope.

  2. Yes,I have Paypal as #1, for convenience, service and reliability. I have contacted Paypal over the years and discovered only quick and efficient responses to every issue that I may have encountered.

  3. First of all contacting paypal does NOT fix the issue for some of us. And I can assure you my site is NOT a scam site. I for one have contacted them via phone and email numerous times to resolve the issue but to no avail. They had no answer as to why some sites are still using paypal when we all use the same lfmte script. So maybe next time before posting such things insinuating those of us who can no longer use paypal are scammy, you should do some research and maybe just maybe reach out and talk to those owners.

    1. Not what was meant… I’m saying it can be resolved. It took us 3 months of calling every day for them to fix a problem we had. For about 3-4 years in a row we used to get frozen once a year. It would take emails/calls/sometimes twitter to get to someone who could actually fix the problem. 99% of the people you talk to can’t do anything and just try to get you to hang up..

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