I’m so humbled by …

I’ve wondered this for a long time. When people start off an acceptance speech or they talk about winning an award or they are being praised in some way. I’m so humbled by this award. I’m so humbled by being voted best looking person in the world.

I just don’t get it.

How is that humbling? Google says humble is “Having or showing a modest or low estimate of one’s own importance.HELLO you are talking about how great you are!

Wouldn’t it be more humbling if you didn’t get an award?

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  1. Recipients of an award feel humbled by being the one CHOSEN to receive the award, instead of one of the other nominees. Depending on the award, and if all of the nominees were worthy contenders, they feel that maybe someone else was more deserving of the award than themselves.

    But there’s nothing wrong with being proud of your own accomplishments, being recognized for them, and thanking those for the award…that’s not talking about how great you are.

    Now, maybe what you’re getting at is if the recipient chose not to ACCEPT the award being bestowed on them…?

  2. Tim,

    I totally agree, an exception speech should always start with…

    I can’t believe it took so long to get this award. I’ve been owed it for years!…etc.

  3. Wow Tim You (or maybe I) might be sparking an controversy here. I’ve copied a few excerpts on Humility in Wiki under Christianity section
    ” 1. Recognizing virtues and talents that others possess, particularly those that surpass one’s own, and giving due honor and, when required, obedience
    2. Recognizing the limits of one’s talents, ability, or authority; and, not reaching for what is beyond one’s grasp.
    Amongst the benefits of humility described in the Bible are honor, wisdom, eternal life, unity, rewards in heaven and others. ”

    Perhaps I am wrong and out of context as the Bible does say that before honor comes humility.

    I recently had an online promotion that went very well. Actually it went better than I ever expected. Truthfully I was humbled (honored) by the response I received. It was humbling to know that people cared about me as much as they did by jumping in and helping me in the promotion. It was especially humbling that some of these people were folks I regarded as my superiors or leaders. Of course we are “all equal” but some are definitely more knowledgeable and been around a lot longer that I have.

    I hope this makes sense and as I said I could be very well wrong in my perception of this.

    God bless,


  4. For my two cents’ worth Tim, I think a little humility is far more attractive than arrogance or self-aggrandizement. Further, I think the folks who say they are humbled by being chosen for an award are acknowledging the equal greatness of their competitors rather than belittling themselves.


  5. I’m humbled by your post, Tim.

    I’m humbled because you said something that makes perfect sense when you think about it… and well… I did not think of it first. LOL

    Seriously, though. I would not think that receiving an award is generally humbling unless it is the “Biggest Idiot in the World” award. Now THAT would beg some humility.

  6. Genau Scott, ich linke mich “in Dein, Ihr oder wie sagt man hier” mit dem lol ein, ich weiß nicht, ob man bei einem Lob von Demut sprechen sollte, aber es gibt diese Tage man peilt ein Ziel an und bei 99,99 Prozent sagt dann der heißgeliebte Computer “Nee Alter, jetzt mach ich ich Feierabend”, kannste machen nix, muste gucken zu …, Ob man nun Gedemütigt von einer Maschine sagen kann oder besser stillschweigend als menchliches Versagen behandeln sollte, sollte jeder selbst für sich entscheiden. Wer sich den Humor nehmen läßt, hat verspielt.
    Just Scott, I left my “in your, your, or as they say here” lol the one, I do not know if they should speak with a praise of humility, but it is aiming for these days is a target and at 99, is 99 percent then said the beloved computer “No age, now I do, I go home”, Kannste do nothing, was ordered to watch … say, Whether you are humiliated by a machine, or should be treated more implicitly than menchliches failure, everyone should own decide for themselves. Who can take the humor has squandered.
    Ich hoffe die Übersetzung ist nicht ganz daneben – I hope the translation is not next to it

  7. Well my German is a little rusty here.

    I used my little dictionarny.
    1. to make (someone) feel less important or proud : to make (someone) humble
    2. to easily defeat (someone or something) in a way that is surprising or not expected
    3humble yourself : to do or say something which shows that you know you have been wrong, have behaved with too much pride, etc.
    Yes you would think that the ones not getting the award would be humbled.

    But we do have politically correct..

    Richard Faller
    Great price on the liftime upgreade Tim.. I could not pass that one up. It was a humbling experience.

  8. I think it is because most people are not good at accepting compliments to start with. How many times have you told someone that something they are wearing looks nice only to get a reply something like “this old thing.”

    The best response is most often a simple “thank you.”

  9. They are humbled, because they realize it could easily had been someone else except that maybe they were a little more gifted or talented which are things that are not earned, but are, well, ‘gifted’.

    New American Standard Bible (©1995) 1 Corinthians 4:7
    For who regards you as superior? What do you have that you did not receive? And if you did receive it, why do you boast as if you had not received it?

    Deuteronomy 8:18
    “But you shall remember the LORD your God, for it is He who is giving you power to make wealth, that He may confirm His covenant which He swore to your fathers, as it is this day.

  10. LOL Tim. After I went over the logic, I tend to agree with you. You are being recognized by a reward. Why would you be humbled? While I tried to solve the puzzle, I was thinking maybe the person had to think they were the best by far to keep going in what they were doing. Now that they were being recognized, perhaps they could think they were a more ordinary person like the rest of their peers. But, this is like trying to find a logical answer to something that isn’t. Your right!

    Marcus Wahl
    skype: mcwahl1

  11. Well, now that I read what I wrote again… Maybe it is this. When they receive the reward perhaps they think of all the others that could have been put in their place. Maybe they don’t think they are deserving of the reward. Thus, they feel humbled. Someone else take a shot at this. LOL

    Marcus Wahl
    skype: mcwahl1

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