I love Mondays, I hate Fridays

I don’t know what it is but every time I do coding on a Friday everything goes down in flames and is utter chaos by the time Monday rolls around.

That’s why I love Mondays and I hate Fridays. Really it’s because Mondays are the start of the week, so I know I can start projects and keep them going without interuption. But Fridays mean 2 days off work and having to get all hyped up again..  If something hasn’t broken.

It’s funny because I used to detest Mondays, having to goto school or goto work. But this whole building your own business and doing what you love thing really changes that mentality.

10 thoughts on “I love Mondays, I hate Fridays

  1. Funny you mentioned that Tim, I feel the exact same way! Actually, my Fridays are full of disappointment and not necessarily disaster, but it’s the same concept. But when it is disaster, then full panic sets it for me, knowing I won’t have full time and focus on the problem again until Monday.

    So yes, having your own business absolutely changes one’s mindset about work — it’s a terrific change!

  2. I wish I could code as well as you do Tim. I`ve been learning as fast as I can but I never seen anything like it before. The courses are pretty extensive and take time to learn. To be as prolific as you are at coding will take some time but I have that in abundance so I`m going at it full bore.
    I understand what you mean about Mondays though- I`ve felt the same way for years. The weekends are just a distraction and then you have to re-hype yourself again on Mondays.
    It really sucks when your project takes more than a week to finish (either coding or other).
    Have a great day Tim.

    Mark D.

  3. Well good good for you Tim. There places where you are not allow to hate a single day of week in order to just balance so that all ends meet. Hating or liking is not their thing. They are caught up in the middle; no love no hate is their way. For me, i do love all day even though not equally. Tim awesome community you have here.

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