How often should you be blogging?

One of the first questions asked by someone starting a blog is how often should you be blogging. The answer to that question depends on a few things. For the most part my general rule of thumb is 3 times per week. It’s enough where you can really grow activity on your blog, but not too much to overload your readers.

Now for the fine print..

I think many bloggers reach a point where they start to hire writers or allow guest posts, and it becomes too much. I would say no more than one post per day. When you get up to 5 per day, you’ll start to have a quality problem and a problem with people not having time to read all your posts. Unless it’s a specific event or you blog about non stop news, posting more than once a day has more of a negative impact than a positive.

On the opposite note, if you really enjoy writing then 3 times per week might be too little. I would recommend you post into the future a few months ahead before increasing the frequency. A common mistake new bloggers have is to burn themselves out with massive content, then the burden to keep up with that pace is too much. I do this all the time!

If you aren’t great at writing, you might want to have a goal of one per week. And by not great I don’t mean what you write, I mean how difficult it is for you to write. I know some people really struggle to write a post. It might be because they re-write the same post over and over, or they do a lot of research before making a post, but either way its OK to only post once a week.

So I know it’s not what you want to here..  “It depends on..”. But the truth of the matter is if you start out slow and increase your frequency over time, you’ll find what works for you. That’s the key to blogging. Forcing it another way is asking for trouble!


4 thoughts on “How often should you be blogging?

  1. Hi Tim

    Great points.

    I think that how often you post is up to you. Whether it’s daily, weekly or even just once a month. If a reader doesn’t like the frequency of your posts, then it just means your blog wasn’t for them.

    I think that, when starting out, you should just get a few posts on your blog at first and then slow down on the posting, so that you can focus on getting people to your blog. There’s no point spending loads of time putting out content, if no one’s reading it.

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