Hit Counters are Here!

I’m actually surprised we didn’t think of this. But on of our Trck.me members pointed out that there are Tracking sites and there are Hit Counter sites, but none that do both. Well, now Trck.me does Hit Counters!

So far there are only a few styles, like the one to the right on my blog sidebar. But as soon as I talk to Bill & Justin I’m sure we’ll have a bunch more. You can also choose what stat you want displayed, or to not display anything at all!

Pretty neat. Just another cool feature from a cool member who asked! If you aren’t letting your customers feel free to ask you for new features, try it out.. You might get a few surprises!

6 thoughts on “Hit Counters are Here!

  1. Cool new feature. You guys and gals really do aim to please.

    Don’t you just love it when you go through all the work and someone (ok, me) turns around and says, “that’s great, but can you do it backwards”?

    Here’s my wish and I think you’ve already got all the data you need to do it.

    We were talking in Skype the other day about whether a certain TE is worth using or not. One person didn’t feel she was getting any hits from what she was running there. I on the other hand thought I was. Instead of pulling up each individual tracker and looking at the results and then manually cross referencing, would it be possible to just pull up that resource and run a report of all my trackers on it with views and clicks?

    Thanks for always listening to us.

  2. Nice little feature. When the hit counters start to reach the 100,000 mark it can look very impressive. I absolutely love the banner rotators feature of TRCK.me. This feature saves me time. And if I need to change a banner, I only have to go to one place to update or change a banners.

    I love banner advertising and this feature has made my life easier.

    Again nice feature, I like it.

    Richard Faller

  3. Hi Tim,
    I am sort of embarrassed that I have not checked out the new features at
    TRCK.me but I will get over there soon. Too many irons in the fire at this time of year I think. The new features sound exciting. Hit Counting and Tracking are great tools. We have enjoyed this feature at SFI (power tools) for some time but, it is only for the SFI Gateways. Most of us are Webmasters or TE owners that promote multiple opportunities so it will be handy to have this feature at one place.

    Thanks for the post and…
    Happy Thanksgiving,

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