From No Timer to Forced Timer

Not too long ago we were discussing timers and whether or not they mattered. Well the conversation is sure to start up again as Fast Easy Traffic is now offering the option of forcing a timer with it’s Extended Exposure Ads.

The concept is that if you want to, you can set your site to only give out credits if the viewer is there for the full 8 seconds. If they tab surf or start watching a movie they won’t get credits.

But there is a twist.. If you turn this setting on and a member views the site and tabs out, when they come back it’ll ask them if they want to wait the whole 8 seconds for triple the credits.

I’m intrigued by the concept. I’ve thought about it in the past having a timer that only counts down while the site is in view. But I wasn’t sure if it would work so I never tried it out.

Of course it’s too early to say what the results will be. I’ve setup a test with two links, one extended turned on and one extended turned off. So far no difference but I’ve only had a handful hits =P I’ll post an update!

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  1. This sounds very interesting indeed…and I look forward to seeing the results of your research.
    Just like the “no timer” debate I think it would wrong for people to just jump to conclusions without seeing some evidence of whether it works or not.

  2. Interesting idea. Since I tab surf, I normally avoid sites that do the “timer stops when the surfer is not in the tab” thing. I might go for the incentive-based thing that FET is doing, though.

  3. Thanks for giving it a look. I wanted to try and do something as unique as possible. Now, all I can do is wait and see how it plays out and possibly adapt the idea further.

  4. Isn’t this a similar approach to some of the safelist? You don;t receive credit for the mailer until you view the ad. Obviously there is a good and bad about this. The good is people stay on the site for a fixed time. It will stop tab surfing. The question I have is will it deter from people that tab surf? Will it increase through put… which is really the key for the advertiser. :) I would like to see the results as well. It should prove to be interesting… one day you surf the forced surfing site another day you surf the no timer site. :) My real concern is rather simple. Will people get frustrated with the same old DUSAP pages faster this way since they are forced to view? As many their are a lot of questions… But, I do have to say this to Mr Rash…. way to go and try something different… The long and short of all of these things… setting yourself apart… doing something different. As an advertiser now I have to rethink how I advertise & promote! :)

    Thank you,

    1. The way i had this playing out in my head… It is likely that not everyone will be willing to pay 3 times as much for their traffic. So not everyone will use the extended views after a trial period. My ideal in my head is that 5 to 10% use the feature.. and because it is not every page, it gives maximum impact.. And on the other side the surfer would like the increased credits for minimal effort..

      I was really looking to make a win win situation.

      1. Yeah, after I saw it was an option it made more sense. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. If you pay 3 times the traffic though, but not everyone stays at the page because of it, you could potentially end up getting more traffic than before.

  5. It will be like surfing a safelist …why take away the one unique thing about exchanges…the competitions and fun in advertising and the fact that tabsurfing is addictive …(and thats good for the exchanges)..Safelists are not.
    I do hope if we are forced to surf “only one exchange at the time” …that exchange would give refund on yearly/lifetime upgrades.
    I am sure this will reduce the amount of daily surfers ..and I sertainly vote it down

    1. Ole, You Haven’t logged into FET before the time you had made these posts. I Encourage you to check out this video to see what extended exposure ads are all about..

      Then I encourage you come sure 100 pages at FET. If you still hate the idea after 100 pages.. I will give you 500 credits..

      I bet I am keeping my credits..

  6. I feel if you were to offer 1/4 of a credit or at least 1/2 credit to the ones that decide they want to skip, especially if they took a look at the site before switching to the the next tab and the timer didn’t run out why make them go through the timer again and have to sit on a site looking at something they may not be interested in, some will stop if something catches their eye long enough to look or when coming back to that tab will look at it again but won’t want to go through another timer sure triple credits are great to go through the timer again, but some just don’t have that time, I would like something for my efforts rather to skip site and get nothing for it which means less credits for me to be able to get what I have to offer seen as I wouldn’t get any credits, to me I would surf more if allowed to skip like I said for some type of compensation, rather than none at all to be able to get what I have to offer seen, please don’t take this the wrong way, I still like your idea I just think it could be tweaked a bit to offer at least a little bit of a credit, I may have to surf longer to get more credit, but I would rather surf longer and get lesser credits if I choose to skip rather than to get no credit at all and have to sit and wait on that timer for triple credit, sometimes I just can’t do that with everything I do have to do in a day.

    1. I think this is something I would use. Perhaps more on the pay for advertising than the actual surfing. As long as the Te can keep the hits rolling. I would much rather spend my advertising dollars on a TE that i know someone is viewing. I find this concept interesting, not a member but plan on joining…

      Richard Faller

  7. I will freely admit I am a tab surfer, but if something catches my eye, I will stop and give it full view, click, etc. I also belong to Clixsense, and there when you click on an ad link, you get taken to a vertification page (pick the cat pix out of the 3 dog pix) and THEN the timer runs down. If you move away from the ad, either to a different tab or even to a messenger window, it stops the timer until you click back on the page. I do run their ads, because compensation is reasonable and there are only about 20-25 ads daily. However, with the multitude of ads running in the various timtech sites and the affiliate sites, I would be hard-pressed to do my normal surfing in the few hours a day I can get to surf… and at the end of the day, those sites would get my least attention. Just saying….

  8. I agree with Renee. There are a couple of PTC sites I use that have forced view or some forced view but I only do it on the sites that I have a lot of ref’s (and have min ad click to collect ref clicks), offer good recompense or have a mix (mainly not). I hardly use the others unless I can tab surf. (And I do my advertising taking this into mind…a quick glance at my ad and a possible capture is better than no look at all)
    The joy of TE’s and I am a recent convert that has been clicking around to get the feel of them is not having to sit through adverts that I have seen so many times or already use the product.
    Even with tab surfing I do stop at sites and surf a few pages on the one if something catches my eye or, more often than not for a promo or a chat. Yes chat can distract from the ads but it can hold you on a site.(If the timer is NOT too long)
    The biggest surprise for me was no timer. I stayed on the site because of the quick turnover I could skip all the ads I didn’t want and look at the ones I did and because of cash pages etc surfed slow enough for pages to load and me to see what they were. I set page targets then moved on to other sites as I want to build up credits in a few and some just ‘feel’ good or are fun.
    Like I said I’m new to TE’s but that’s my 2 pennies worth lol.
    So as a customer not liking the idea. As an advertiser…if it’s free, maybe (if the traffics there), paid..I feel there are better options.


    p.s. It comes down to time…..I don’t have enough! :-)

  9. Hi Tim,
    I think there is a middle of the road here. I Tab surf but, I also wait for the page to load and view every page, After all, if we do not exchange views, there is not much purpose with a traffic exchange…Yes?
    Best Wishes,

  10. I love the concept because it still enables one to do tab surfing. Furthermore, not many surfers in FET are using this feature as of now but those who used it, I definitely did pay more attention to the ads because of the extra credits I am able to earn. However, clicking on it was another issue.

    I am interested in hearing your results Tim :p

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