Epic Christmas Lights and Facebook

You know how you hear about people making epic Christmas lights on their house and see it on tv or what not later on. Well I found a house in Rhode Island which has their own Facebook page and are trying to get votes to win money for the local school.

It’s actually pretty crazy because I went by the house and the whole street was full of cars. I took a photo:

What’s crazy is not all the lights in this view are lit up because it’s tuned to the radio, and I couldn’t get a photo with the entire house.

Anyways, go check out their Facebook page and if you are really nice go vote for them. They are the only entry in RI! The money doesn’t go to them but to the school district which is neat.

5 thoughts on “Epic Christmas Lights and Facebook

  1. I like this hood, just vote for it, I hope that the money is well spent for schools and educational center in that allow to talk about God because God’s children need to know to be good and not for evil

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