Don’t make up laws please

One of our customers is having problems with deliverability and so I was looking through his account for reasons for this. Right now we aren’t blacklisted, our reputation is continuing to get better, so I was really wondering what was up.

His from email address was a custom domain, valid email address, even had SPF records to allow RocketResponder to send from that address (which isn’t necessary the way we send them, but the fact he did it was above most normal customers).

I was really puzzled because the emails he was sending looked more “newslettery” than “spammy” too. Until I got to the bottom of the email..

Every email had at the bottom one of those really long 3 paragraph warnings that most spammers use, where they say they aren’t spamming they have the right to spam, etc. But on top of this one it said it was against the law to report him as spam. Seriously?

Now I don’t know about you but most of the spam I get has one of these warning books at the bottom. So it became very clear he was getting himself filtered for looking like a spammer. But on top of that I know many people would see that “law” as an invitation to prove him wrong.

When it comes to email make it very easy to unsubscribe, and don’t talk about it. That’s it. I don’t see any big time companies putting huge things in there, no they want you focused on the content. So quit reminding them about unsubscribing. Make it easy so if they want to they can, but don’t make them want to more!

14 thoughts on “Don’t make up laws please

  1. The funny thing is, though…
    I ONLY receive emails with that “legal” information about it being illegal to report them as spam from emails that I NEVER opted to receive. They just show up out of the blue! Some unsavory clown must have sold them leads and told them to include that to make them think they got a bargain?!

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