Do More, Do it Faster, Do it Better

It’s really awesome to be running an online business these days. There is a vast amount of knowledge and tools available that just weren’t there 10 years ago. It really is amazing.

For instance, these 10 Quotes from Groove Blog. They are all really sound advice, but one of them stuck out for me:

Workaholics aren’t heroes. They don’t save the day, they just use it up. The real hero is home because she figured out a faster way. – Jason Fried

To me this is what I’m all about. If you can figure out how to do more things, in less amount of time, and even be better at doing it, you’re golden!

If your goal is to keep growing, and you are already maxed out on time, how will you be able to do more? Your only option is to hire people or stunt your growth. But if you figure out how to optimize your workflow you can get more done, feel more satisfied, and have a higher profit margin!

This is why it shocks me that so many people cancel their tracker stating they aren’t making enough to justify the cost. Now I know things can be tight, but if you aren’t tracking how do you know all your other efforts are working?

You actually don’t. You’re guessing. You’re assuming.

Recently I found some tools myself that have helped me make some dramatic optimizations to our sites. Now you won’t notice most of the changes, but our bottom line does. We were considering more upgrades on servers that turned out to be unnecessary!

As a result we’re saving money from those tools. Now with Tracking you’ve actually got a two edged sword. One is saving you money from buying advertising that gets you no results, and another is getting you more money by showing you where it’s actually coming from.

How neat is that? And you don’t have to install scripts on your server like you used to. Back in the day you’d have to be just as nerdy as me to set this all up, and you needed the server power to process all those stats too.

So today I challenge you: Find a tool that will help you do what you need to do more, in less time, and be better at it. You’ll find your growth will multiply faster than before!

Hint: Try free for 30 days, even if you are already tracking, it might be faster and easier than your current setup ;-)

4 thoughts on “Do More, Do it Faster, Do it Better

  1. Hi Tim!

    First, as entrepreneurs we get to be smart in a way that the corporate world misses the mark on. The workaholic is glorified in middle and upper management. They call it face-time and if you’re not putting it in, regardless of what you may have accomplished, you’re not really interested in your job. Isn’t it great that we can be the heroes in our own business and find better and more efficient ways to build our careers and enjoy doing it?

    Second, the people that cancel a product like or any other evergreen product are thinking backwards. They need to perform their due diligence up front and pick the right tools for running their business. Tracking, Auto-responders, planners and advertising platforms are all tools that we need to be successful in the online world. The fact that there are affiliate programs and that we can make the tools pay for themselves and even generate a profit is all icing on the cake.

  2. Hi Tim,
    Great post as Always. I checked out the 10 posts at Groove Blog and the one that stands out for you really hit home for me. Many times we go through life spending the least time with those that are most important to us, I have tried to change that by using the advice my very first manager in the insurance business beat into my head.
    “Plan your Work and Work your Plan” ~Howard Ambrose
    Best Wishes,
    Mr Ron

  3. No, he’s not saying do something faster just for the sake of getting more work done, he’s saying do it as fast as you can while doing it well, and get more things done, and done right.

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