Database Maintenence Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Thursday, at 9AM EST we will be performing maintenance on our database server. There will be downtime. We do not know the exact amount of time but have been given a one hour window.

If you are using trackers it’s up to you if you wish to pause them on sites. If you are advertising on any of our sites you do not need to pause them as our sites will also be offline.

I’m sure you are wondering why. We are upgrading our server ram. This will allow us to grow into the future without server crashes or slow downs. We feel it’s important to have bigger servers to leave room for growth.

Sticking some extra sticks of ram into a server doesn’t take long. However the size of our server means the shut down and start up times take a while when compared to your personal computer. The exact time depends on many variables.

I’m making this post so you can leave any comments or questions below. You can also be sure to follow us on Twitter for the latest updates: @timlinden, @justinledvina, @theteguy.

11 thoughts on “Database Maintenence Tomorrow

  1. Upgrade to 64GB? That’s great stuff man, just remember that electrostatic discharges (ESD) can kill ram modules at touch! (don’t ask me how I learned that lol)

    Good luck and congrats on the upgrade!


  2. Thanks for the warning and the info. That gives everyone a chance to fit in an extra hour of romance tomorrow!

    Seriously… it’s good to know you are planning ahead instead of waiting for an unexpected crash.

    Nick Grimshawe

  3. Thanks for the update Tim, I’ve posted to my OldSkoolers! ;) Congrats on the upgrade too, it’s good to know you’re taking care of our future! ;) Happy Valentines Day, Lee :)

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