Changing the view of traffic exchanges

One of the testimonials inside ClickTrackProfit was someone saying it changed their view on traffic exchanges. It really pleases me to see that because that’s what we want to do! As an industry we all need to show outsiders how traffic exchanges work so they tell others about us.

I honestly feel like this is the most important thing we can do for our industry. We could be huge, but we aren’t because many people just don’t get it. And I understand, because it does seem like a bizarre concept. But we can change that view together.

I really think you guys have a huge opportunity here to build downlines in all the sites within CTP. If you guys can pull in people outside traffic exchanges, get them into CTP, and train them how to use them properly, you’ll benefit long term.

So let’s brainstorm. What are some ways we all can get more people into CTP. And I’m not trying to sound lazy, but I’d rather you guys take this on and earn commission from it. We’re really good at teaching and changing opinions on TEs, and we want you to succeed, so let’s discuss how you guys can take advantage of that winning combination.

Is anyone using paid to clicks, safe lists, banner exchanges, or anything else to get people into ClickTrackProfit? Are you having success? Are you telling friends? Let’s help each other out!

4 thoughts on “Changing the view of traffic exchanges

  1. Hi Tim,

    I’m using safelists as one way of increasing traffic to CTP with some success. I just need to do more of it. Now that we are in March (I’d spent my Feb Budget)with a new budget I am going to do a short run on Ad Words where I have had a lot of success getting people to subscribe to my newsletter. It`s been a long time since I used pay per click but it`s worth doing some testing. Also as I`m learning to use twitter more effective that is part of my plan to.
    I just plain old getting my name out there and my face seen in as many places as possible.
    Each day I target it out and put it up on my white board and that helps to keep me consistent.


    1. Well Nick it’s working.. I really have trouble remembering names and faces but I recognize your name and face so you’re doing something right ;-)

  2. Very interesting topic Tim. I agree that the supposed 5 to 6000 New Internet Marketers that enter the TE’s per week have to come from somewhere. Deb and I came from the PPC and Article Marketing world to TE’s back in 2004 or 2005 or so. A good friend highly recommended at the time that we try Easy Hits 4 U, Traffic Swarm and SX. Today, we still use PPC and Articles as well but Squidoo, buying traffic, business cards, word of mouth, and are always exploring traffic options. We sincerely believe that CTP is the best find for us in all the years on the Net for many reasons, most importantly it is a System that the newest Internet Marketer can access to Learn the Tools of the Trade. With an off Net business and our commitments to Surfing 4 the Truth and the Red Shirt Friday Tradition, where all three require constant contacts in the live environment of day to day and face to face contacts, we feel very comfortable offering CTP to any and all regardless of age, Internet Skills, or Business Background. These are the many reasons that we choose to constantly look for new avenues to find the lookers, being a part of finding the 5 to 6000 New Marketers per week, love it . In our humble opinion, nothing can be taken off the table to find new people. I challenge people all the time to go to Google and see how many times people are typing in such search words as Help, Internet Money, Make Money, etc. If that many are looking, we all have to find a way for them to find us. Thanks for the thought provoking topic.
    Sam and Deb
    Mabank, Texas

  3. Sorry, Tim. I had to rush out earlier and did not get to the meat of the discussion. My bottom line recommendation to folks would be to build a Squidoo Lens. That is a good start for learning SEO, Key Words, article marketing, etc. Hope this helps.
    PS: My signature has Lens for CTP.

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