Are you motivated?

I’ve posted about not being motivated periodically and one person that motivates me is Justin Ledvina. I know it sounds corny because he’s the CEO of TimTech but there is a reason he’s the CEO. He motivates the entire team.

Well he’s been sharing that motivation on his blog calling it “Motivation Mondays” so be sure to go check out today’s post. I unplug over the weekend so having a business oriented motivational video to watch first thing Monday is a great way to get me back into the work mentality. Go check it out!

13 thoughts on “Are you motivated?

  1. Working online from home is completely utilizing what we have, where we have it, on the screen, and with our minds and hands, and goal-setting and stick-to-it-ive-ness! I remember McGyver, he always found the right stuff to create an explosion and free himself, that’s what we’re doing, creating blasts of traffic and interest in our businesses, using what we find online and inside our heads, to free ourselves from “real jobs” and free ourselves from being under the thumb of whatever the “real world” wants to pay us, we can earn a LOT more online, it’s unlimited! :)

  2. Thanks for sending me over there Tim. I really enjoyed Justin words for today. Which of course has me thinking about what tools I have to work with right now that can 1 plus it for me today.


  3. Thanks for pointing out Justin’s post. It helped me get my mindset in the right place. Justin is a real inspiration and Timtech is lucky to have him running the show.

  4. I do what I can with what I have where I am every single day..
    I do love Justin’s videos he’s always smiling :)

  5. It’s amazing what we can do with just a little duct tape and some inventiveness on our own — and even more with the help we get from others. Today I’d like to thank Darren Olander and List Bonus (and duct tape to hold the universe together) for bringing me a couple new referrals this morning.

  6. Thank you, Tim, for all you do for us. I read your blog consistently and always find good information here. Keep it up, dude, you rock!

  7. Hi Tim,
    I think I see a pattern forming. . .

    I started on Patrick’s blog where he reminded me about CTP experience points for posting comments on this blog. I hopped over here because even though I read everyone of your posts when I get my email notification, I get lazy sometimes and don’t bother to craft a suitable comment.

    When I got here, I found the post pointing to Justin’s blog and everyone talking aboutthe MacGyver post. Great post, do what you can with what you’re given. I always loved the TV show and the sum of the parts he was given always seemed to total more than it should.

    To keep this pattern going, Justin’s next blog needs to point to Jon’s blog, who needs to point to . . . You get the picture.


  8. Tim;
    It is always good to have some quality time to spend with family and to
    just kick back and relax.
    To spend every day and every available hour on your business is a big
    mistake in my opinion.
    Take time away, and while at it, you can still jot down ideas that come to
    you. Being with loved ones or just relaxing one day a week is a great motivation.

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