A 60 Second Timer??? You crazy?

After trying out a 10 second timer on Sweeva, we’ve released the special sauce..  The reason for the test..   It’s the ability to pick how long your site is shown on Sweeva, and it’s here! (well for Kore4 members right now)

The timer selections are 15, 30, and 60 seconds. We might make more options available but those seemed to be a good variety. Some wanted less time but some also wanted more time.

How it affects bidding

The first question everyone had was how bids would handle the new times. Essentially bidding is the same but a 60 second view will take twice the credits, and a 15 second view will take half the credits.

When the system picks the next site to show, it takes all the bids and divides them by the number of seconds. So we could have ten 60 second ads and then two 15 second ads, or it could be all totally random. It really depends on how people bid.

How it affects surfing

Surfing is still the same, just sometimes the timer lasts longer than others. Everyone still sees the same site together just as before. This is why we wanted to test the 10 second timer, the way sites are picked had to be completely recoded and the short timer helped test it effectively.

How to change your site’s time

To change the time for your site you’ll need to be Kore4. It’s part of the new Sweeva that is coming. One of the benefits to Kore4 is being able to beta test Sweeva with us. If you are Kore4, you’ll see every site defaults to 30 – just click edit bid to change it to 15 or 60!

As always, let me know your thoughts!

15 thoughts on “A 60 Second Timer??? You crazy?

  1. As an advertiser, I think this is great for people using video Splashes. You now can have up to 60 seconds to get your “story told”. I would think you could get a lot more creative and detailed in your Video Splashes now. And hopefully see and increase in conversions..

  2. First of all – I cant believe you guys bring this old discussion up again..Holy crap…and again so many years after, think it started when use of splashpages came…way back…then it was shorter timer people wanted cause it took shorter time to load splash than full page.
    Then…video “splashes” came…thats an discussion of it self lol ..some hate them still (the ones that auto play) and as a result people now surf with sound off…so how strong is a video splash then? …I am now talking “people” like in surfers / members of your sites that surfs a lot (its mostly them that are upgraded and uses money to)….and its also them that see the same sites over and over again in lets say 25 exchanges a day….if I see a splash / video page lets say 10 times a day..WHY should I suddenly want to see it for 60 sec in one TE (or more TE’s)
    No way I tend to do that.
    And if this “change” should be for using video splashes , I suggest you go elsewhere to promote that like youtube where videos are meant to be .
    So to add this up – I do like the word “Crazy” in this topic..TY

  3. 60 second timers…wowsers ! – I think it was last year that the subject of “0” or very short timers was the way to go and the marketers that thought it was a bad idea because they
    wanted their ads seen for a reasonable amount of time -lost their argument.
    Now their argument makes sense ?……Go Figure.

  4. 60 second timers WOW! from what I have read 3 seconds is all you need to decide whether you want to take action or not so why oh why do we need extraordinarily long surfing timers when Sweeva has got a bookmarking facility enabling you to bookmark the site for future viewing.

    Whether splash page videos or full page videos alike surely a 10 second timer would suffice given what I stated above should be long enough to show an interest or not I feel that yes there has to be a balance but not to the big extremes as to the 60 second time. Way to go TimTech

  5. I don’t think a 60 second timer is going to get anyone to watch something that they wouldn’t watch to start with. This idea does give anyone who doesn’t agree with me the opportunity to pay for the option.

  6. I always surf with the sound off and multiple sites. I also use Traffic Browser which blocks the auto play. Plus I don’t like video splashes. 60 second timer seems utterly ridiculous to me. Even 15 seconds is too long. My favorite surf sites have a 3 to 10 second timer

    1. Hi Marian ;) you change the timer in editing your sites to be shown ..where you add credits etc….
      And to look for stats its difficult cause you cant track the ones that leave and dont click your sites…you can only see who bothers to still do it ;)

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